Tuesday, June 30, 2020

From Ally To Opponent: Why I No Longer Support Queer Feminism

By Der Kosmonaut

  My disenchantment with Queers and Transsexuals began in 2014 when I was in the US Pacific Northwest. Portland is a Lesbian Dictatorship. Seattle is a Gay Dictatorship. In Portland the lesbian would give hostile looks and make nasty comments each time they see a straight couple together. Seattle was too much. Each day I had frequented Black Coffee Co-Op, which was the best Anarchist space that  ever existed. I had a miserable time in Portland and suffered from writer's block. Seattle inspired me and I resumed writing high caliber poetry again. At Black Coffee Co-Op I had expressed to someone about the sense of relief that I felt. I explained the sense of satisfaction and relief of writing again and compared it as if had gone a long time without having sex. Suddenly out of the blue,  a gay man who I had never talked to, interjects: "Do you want to have sex with me?" I was floored. I shot him a look of wretched disgust. However mindful that I was in a Leftist "safe space", I retained my rage and diplomatically said no. Just imagine that scenario if a straight man said that to a woman in that or any other "safe space"? The Feminists and their emasculated male allies would kick that straight guy out and ban him.

 In both Seattle and later in Eastern Canada I talked to some Transexual people. When I questioned them about their history, I got completely absurd and dishonest replies. In Seattle the man told me that he didn't urinate so he needed not to worry about which toilet he enters. In New Brunswick Canada another man came up with an inane story about how his mother wanted to have a daughter and was disappointed that he was boy. In essence he blamed his mother for his disorder. In all the years that I've encountered Transsexual only one was honest and real. I actually met this person when I was 17. At the time he was simply a young gay male. Five years later I ran into that person at a nightclub. I didn't recognize him but he remembered me. He told me that he changed
his name and that it was going to have a sex change operation. He displayed his breasts implants to me. Years later he had completed the full transformation to a woman. He had a complete sex change operation and got married. I can respect that. He decided to change his sex at the age 21 and on his own volition. However the current generation of Transsexuals are not authentic as that lad was.
  The final straw came over the winter when I learnt that male Transsexual athletes were competing in girls and women's sports. They're breaking national and world records. Girls and women athletes are rightfully complaining. These are still biological males who are stronger and faster than females. Transsexual athletes are winning all of the top medals in wrestling, weight lifting, as well as  track and field. One Trans athlete had the gall to say that he was at a disadvantage after
breaking all historic records in running. This is an outrage. Regional, national and international sports associations including the International Olympic Committee are allowing this.
  I can emphatically state that I'm not alone in this sentiment. I've been warning about this trend for nearly a decade. Initially at the time some of my friends were disturbed by my analysis. However over the course of time, more and more people have come to the same conclusion. For example an ex-Anarchist woman from Canada recently confided to me that I was correct after all. She quit the scene when she heard one too many accusations of sexual assault. She simply couldn't believe that in so-called Anarchist and other radical spaces, that men were sexually assaulting women with such frequency and regularity. She figured it out. Women lead men on by constantly smiling, laughing that their jokes and sending out signals of sexual or intimate interest. When males respond to that by either trying to kiss or to even ask them out, the women freak out and say that they've been assaulted. An ex-girlfriend of mine used to be pro-gay but she too has grown exasperated by Queerness.
  Public opinion is shifting rapidly against Queer Feminist Trans. I'm a dangerous harbinger of that. I was initiated into revolutionary political activism back in 1991 regarding sexual freedom
and abortion rights. For me, sexual freedom is the lowest common denominator when it comes to individual freedom and human rights. I helped to organize two national protest marches in Washington, DC. In 1992 I helped to organize that National March for Women's Lives. It was
the largest ever protest in US History up until then for women's rights and for abortion. In 1993 I helped to organize the largest pro Gay and Lesbian protest march that had ever occurred in US History up until that time. Today I bitterly regret it. My support for Homosexual rights remains one of the biggest political mistakes of my life. Had I known that my sincere core belief that people have a fundamental human right to engage in consensual sex with whomever they wanted without persecution and oppression would pave the way for homosexual marriage and the Trans
scam, I would've stayed away. Had I known that my sincere belief in the equality of the sexes and that women should be free to express themselves sexually and socially as well as to use birth control and have free abortion on demand, would lead to hysterical Victorian Puritan sexual repression and the negation of male heterosexuality, I would've run far, far away.
  This is the thing:  If someone like myself who started in revolutionary politics for gay and
lesbian rights, as well as feminist agendas has turned sour, just think of the hundreds of millions who have never had any personal political engagement. Currently now many Leftists and Progressives share my sentiment but are afraid to speak out for fear of being labelled a
reactionary "homophobe", "transphobe" or "sexist". Upon seeing firsthand how rotten far left politics have become, I don't give a damn about what they say or think about me. I could care less if I'm banned from certain social centers, cafes or squats. As the CoVid crisis grows and the
global economy further deteriorates, the masses will become neither benevolent nor tolerant of Queer  Feminism. In a few weeks tens of millions, even possibly hundreds of millions of people will become homeless, hungry and unemployed. When they realize how they've gotten screwed partially by being presented with Queerness as social progress while the billionaires got richer, there will be a settling of accounts. 
  Also in the course of the ever growing protests against police violence, the homosexual nature of police brutality will come out. There will be demands for the closing of prisons, especially after it comes to light how prisons have long lasting policies of homosexual violence. The homosexuals leading Black Lives Matter will find themselves facing uncomfortable questions. Combined with how their Anarchist and Social Justice Warriors allies are so
small, insignificant and isolated, things are going to turn really bad. Queer Feminism will be liquidated within a decade if not sooner.

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