Sunday, June 14, 2020

Man's Best Friend?

By Der Kosmonaut

  The recent case of Amy Cooper, the reactionary white female investment banker in New York who filed a false police call to say that she was threatened by "an African-American" man simply because he asked her to leash her dog, has highlighted a social phenomena which is more revealing than her unremarkable racism. The Amy Cooper case reminded me of what my intellectual sparring partner in Toronto mentioned last year. He remarked how veterinarians were reaping great sums in Toronto profiting from all the women who were foregoing relationships with men in favor of their pets. The case of Amy Cooper ratified another insight and conclusion of mine. Don't trust white women with dogs. I've observed this first hand with most white women. They love their dogs more than they love themselves. Since they love their dogs more than themselves, it becomes
impossible that they can love someone else, especially a man. When dealing with a Black man such as the one who asked her to leash her dog, their antipathy towards men in general transforms into hate against non-white males.

 I hate to be perverted but there's the indubitable fact that many of these white women are more than satisfied to obtain their sexual kicks from dogs than from men. I've been around on the Internet long enough to know that this is true.
 In case one thinks that I'm singling out women, I have long observed in North America that most  blokes that own dogs are assholes. When I was staying with a Black man of Haitian descent from Miami last year in Belgrade, he had a wretched, ugly and stinking dog. I ended up
having to walk the goddamn dog because Buddy was too busy at work. Imagine having a dog but not having the time to take it for a walk! Ha!
 I heard a great line while I was in Seattle. One day I passed by two young women walking and talking on the street. One said to the other: "Don't get a dog! You don't have time for a dog. You're not homeless!"
  When I was in Macedonia six months ago, I watched "Man of Steel"/ It wasn't by choice. I was sitting in the lounge of the hostel and another guest put it on. I watched it only to do my usual  scientific analysis of the cultural degradation today. In one scene Clark Kent's adoptive father in Kansas decides to rescue the family dog trapped in the car before an approaching tornado. He saves the dog's life by sacrificing his own life. That was the most insightful scene of the entire stupid film. Whites would rather give up their own life to save a pooch. Think about
that. Dying for pooch.

  That scene in turn made me recall a conversation with a Quebecois woman in Montreal a few years ago about dog owners. She enumerated many instances of people dying because of their dogs. The most absurd but grimly funny tale was about some idiotic white man who decided to ride over Niagara Falls in a barrel. (Black people can be as ridiculous as other races but generally avoid doing stupid things like this.) The idiot decided to bring along his dog for the ride. Well he didn't make it. Did he perish because of the impact going over the falls? No. Did he drown? No. He died of suffocation because the ventilation shaft built was blocked by the dog's
nozzle. Dogs and their need to sniff. The dog survived but the man didn't. Once upon a time dog owners were decent and normal people. But in the 21st Century dog owners are the most wretched people who contaminate society. Man's best friend? Ha! Big joke!

14 June 2020

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