Thursday, July 09, 2020

The Truth About The Revolution In Serbia

Banner in Serbian reads: Who hits you with a baton - Hit them back with a revolution! Source Instagram @/agnusatanae

9 July 2020
Belgrade, Serbia
By Der Kosmonaut
  This is an urgent bulletin regarding the revolution taking shape in Serbia. The international media is lying and distorting the events taking place in Serbia. These aren't anti-CoVid19 protests as the
international media is reporting. This is the start of a revolution against the totalitarian dictatorship that's being implemented in Serbia.
  20 years after the overthrow of Slobodan Milosevic, conditions in Serbia have become worse than during the 1990s. Like most of the countries in the Western Balkans, Serbia is nothing more than a Mafia State. The ruling party as well as the previous governments along with all of the
opposition parties are crooked thieves. There's no democracy in Serbia. The parliamentary elections held two weeks ago were a farce. The majority of Serbs boycotted the rigged elections. Now the ruling Progressive(!) Party of Serbia enjoys a super majority in parliament. President Aleksandar Vučić is a thief. He's robbing the country blind and bleeding it dry.
  The revolution has been sparked by the announcement that Belgrade would be placed under lockdown this weekend. However, that's not what made the masses revolt. For more than 60 days during the Spring Serbia was transformed into the world's second largest dungeon after Gaza. The
invoking of the State of Emergency was unconstitutional. Abruptly at the start of May the State of Emergency was lifted along with restrictions. The government has lied about the number of CoVid cases and deaths both to the national and to international bodies such as the WHO. A few days before the implementation of the State of Emergency President Vučić and the government were laughing about CoVid and didn't take it seriously. Then suddenly the Sate of Emergency was declared. The State of Emergency was lifted just so that parliamentary elections could be held. Since 2017 both parliamentary and presidential elections have been blatantly rigged. All government employees including those at state owned enterprises were forced to vote for Vučić and his ruling Progressive(!) Party. They were required to photograph their ballots indicating that they voted for the ruling and turn them in to their superiors the following day at work. If they failed to do so, they would've been sacked. After 20 years thanks to governments of all stripes plus the machinations of the imperialist
countries, the Serbian economy has been shot to hell. The only guaranteed jobs in Serbia are state related. Should state employees lose their work, they would be forced into penury.
  It was only after the most recent rigged elections were over with that CoVid19 became a public health emergency yet again. By declaring a weekend lockdown in Belgrade (an opposition bastion where only 35% of the population voted in the elections and even that figure is dubious at best), President Vučić was giving the middle finger to the city. This latest declaration was once again  unconstitutional and illegal. It's obvious to everyone that this is to implement a totalitarian dictatorship. The Serbs have had enough of the abuse, the lies, the theft, the corruption.
Thus a revolution is just beginning.
  The reason that the international media are distorting the facts about Serbia is because this is the first place where a mass revolution against Neoliberal totalitarian capitalism is taking shape. Unlike the
bullshit fake "revolutions" over the past two decades in Syria, Ukraine, Iran which were widely reported in the international media, the Serbian revolution is the first one to take place in an advanced industrialized country that's 'friendly' to the imperialist powers. The corporate and state controlled media are terrified of the example shown in Belgrade. It's one thing when the masses rise up
against the favored "enemies of the West" such as China and Russia. But when a grassroots mass revolution which is not being funded or directed by the imperialist power erupts, then censorship and manipulation is employed. This is the truth of the uprising that's occurring in Belgrade.

These following video links below will not be aired ton the Western and international

In this video people throw eggs and trash at a government propaganda billboard bearing the likeness of Serb president Aleksandar Vučić.

In this video a fearless Serb woman gets in the faces of a line of riot

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