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When Black Males Are Raped And Sexually Assaulted By White Females Part 1: Math Tutor (From King Of The Woods)

From The King Of The Woods Part 2 1987
By Der Kosmonaut  
  My father found me a math tutor. She was a 21 year old Math major junior at Columbia named Jen Lowe. She came from rural New Hampshire and was delighted to tutor the son of a fellow New Hampshire native. My father gave us strict instructions. At least 3 times during the week, I was to be tutored. Jen was to help and check my homework. To prove that I went, my father had her sign my assignment book he had given me for my birthday. The 3 days were Monday, Tuesday and Thursday. She lived in an off-campus apartment which she shared on 112th between Amsterdam and Broadway. I was not happy about this arrangement. It meant that my commute would be longer as I would have to take the Number 1 local all the way up to 110th Street. Moreover, I thought Jen would be one of these really condescending people that I often detested as day-camp counselors.
  The first day of the tutoring I was greeted by a smiling girl with jet black hair, green eyes and skinny figure. She didn’t strike me in the least as interesting. After all, how could she as a math major be anything else? She spent the first 20 minutes praising my father as a teacher. She wanted to know if I had been to New Hampshire, which parts I had known and what were my general impressions. I didn’t mind because I didn’t want to deal with my math homework, so I tolerated and even prolonged the chit chat. However, we eventually got down to the subject.
  At first, I was a bit disconcerted how she would stare intently with me as she spoke. When she didn’t speak, she had the same stare but with a frozen smile. She helped me with my homework. She was actually pretty good at Algebra and basic geometry. Jen had a very logical mind and was able to explain the equations to me with aplomb. She was very touchy with me. She had a method of erotic positive reinforcement. Each time, I had successfully solved an Algebraic formula, she kissed me. Her kisses were at first innocent. She pecked my cheeks and rubbed my back saying “Good Boy!” However, by the third week she started kissing my lips. I was getting turned on. I was becoming excited to go to her tutorials. My grades in math actually improved. My father asked me how the sessions were going. I showed him my test scores and he was impressed.

  At the beginning of March, a wind and ice storm hit the city. Normally, I would have canceled the session but I was too excited to see her. She was surprised yet delighted to see me.
“Kevin!” Jen said with her typical smile, “I thought you would cancel because of the weather!”
“Oh no, my father would punish me if I missed a single session.”
“Would you like to me to make some tea?” Jen asked with a smile as her green eyes danced with excitement.
“That sounds nice!” I said as I took off my wet coat and hat. I was actually soaked to the bone. The temperature hovered around the freezing mark. The rain poured in icy sheets. Jen came into the living room and observed me.
“Kevin, you look chilled to the bone! Your clothes are drenched!” She approached me. “Listen, my roommate needs to use the living room so we should go to my room. Why don’t you take off your clothes and let me put them in the dryer. You can wear my t-shirts!” Her green eyes danced in wild excitement.
I followed her into her bedroom. She took out an over-sized cotton t shirt and handed it to me. “Wear this. Put your clothes on the floor and I will put them in the dryer.” Jen went to the kitchen.
I took off my two layers of top clothing. Though my pants were also soaked, I left them on. Jen came back with the tea. She saw that I didn’t take off my pants.
“Take your pants off too!” She commanded. “I will put them in the dryer as well!”
“Uh, oh, but I don’t have any other pants. I can’t wear your pants.” I stuttered. I was even more embarrassed by the erection I suddenly had.
“Don’t be silly, Kevin. That’s why I gave you an extra large t-shirt to wear!” Jen hypnotized me with her eyes.
I obeyed her and took off my trousers. She took all my clothes and put them in the drier.
When she returned she closed the door to her room. She smiled. “I don’t feel like doing any math, do you?”
“I will sign your assignment book for your father. I will even do tonight’s homework for you.”
“Really!” I was astonished.
“Yes.” Changing the subject, Jen began her seduction. “I miss New Hampshire. I miss the nature and the mountains. I’m really a country girl rather than a city girl.”
“I am a city boy, all the way!” I said like any proud Manhattanite.
“What I do like about being in the city is seeing more Black people.”
“I guess.”
“There aren’t many Black people in New Hampshire. The few are in Manchester where your father is from.” She moved close to me and put her hands on my thighs.
I gulped. “Yeah I noticed that too.”
“I am too white. I am a complete WASP. My ancestors came over on the Mayflower.” Jen put her hand up my thighs and rested it on my underwear. Her palm rested on my crotch. Only two small layers of cotton separated her hand from my penis. I gasped. I shook and trembled violently. She kissed me. She squeezed her hand on my crotch.
“Kevin?” Jen said.
“Have you ever been with a girl?”
I gasped and panted. I couldn’t speak. I shook my head negatively.
“Well, I usually don’t do virgin guys but you are different.” Jen bit my earlobe. I could feel my hot breath on my ear and neck.
“How do you feel about white girls?” Jen asked.
I couldn’t answer. I was mortified and excited at once. I fell into orgasmic arrest.
“Well,” Jen continued. “I think some of you Black guys are hot!”
“Are we going to have sex?” I heard my tongue and lips ask.
Jen laughed and pushed me on her bed. She pulled off my underpants. She had my penis in her hands and squeezed it.
“I don’t have sex with virgins. Have you ever had a blow job?” Jen asked me in a lusty voice.
I shook my head. I couldn’t believe what was happening. Jen performed fellatio. I lay with my eyes closed. The sensations I felt electrified me. My body convulsed and shook as if I were receiving electro-shock treatment. I felt that I was being violated but at the same time enjoying it. I started to moan and howl like a dog.
“Lie still and be quiet!” Jen commanded.
She continued. The tension caused my body to recoil like a tight spring. Suddenly all the tension of my body seemed to discharge out of my genital. I felt the greatest pleasure ever throughout my body. I suddenly relaxed. Jen looked up at me. She opened her mouth to reveal my semen in her mouth. She took a large gulp and licked her lips. She smiled at me. I spent the next two hours as she violated my body with her mouth and hands.
  I went home filled with contradictory feelings. First, I felt shameful and dirty. Second, I felt weak. I felt that a girl had had her way with me and I didn’t fight. I felt as if she had taken my masculinity. It was the third feeling that cancelled the first two. I felt so good. I felt as if I had become a man. All I could do was think about Jen Lowe. I started to masturbate on a regular basis. Jen Lowe replaced Melissa Gilbert in my fantasies.
  This went on for the rest of the semester. We never had intercourse. Though I would try to have sex with her she absolutely refused. That was how she manipulated me. She promised that if I had passed the Math 1 Regents exam that we would have sex next summer when I went to New Hampshire. Jen Lowe was the only woman who could calm me down. Except for those 3 afternoons, I had spent with her, I was miserable. But then I had even come to hate Jen Lowe. I started to hate her fellatio. I felt that she was using me and I was powerless to do anything about it. Yet, I became addicted to her. I hated her yet I needed her. She was the first person besides my parents and grandmother who I obeyed and submitted to. It was my first encounter with white female supremacy.

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