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When Black Males Are Raped And Sexually Assaulted By White Females Part 2: The Sexual Terror Of Alexandra And Megan(From King Of The Woods)

From The King Of The Woods Part 3 1988

By Der Kosmonaut

  In German class I spoke with Alexandra. She looked very depressed and distraught. I asked her what was the matter.

“I am having problems with my boyfriend.” Alexandra sighed.
“You have a boyfriend?” I asked. “Does he go to Stuy?”
“No he goes to Sci.”
“I see. Did you have a fight with him or something?” I asked.
“Something.” She replied. “How are things with your girlfriend?”
“It’s getting tough.” I replied. “We are fine but there are a lot of people who don’t want us together.”
“Is it because you two are different colors?”
“Yes. It’s really stupid!
“It is stupid!” Alexandra agreed. “I don’t think there’s anything wrong with dating a Black guy. I wouldn’t do it myself but someone else wants to do so, that’s their business.”
“At least you understand.”
“I hope that I didn’t offend you when I said that I wouldn’t date a Black guy.”
“No offense taken. I would never date a Black girl myself.”
“Really!” Alexandra raised her eyebrows and became very focused and interested suddenly. “Why would you never date a Black girl?”
“Well, I don’t like Black girls. They always want to pick fights and they are not very nice.”
“That’s true. Black girls are bitches!”
“Also, I wouldn’t date Black girls because I am told that I am only supposed to do so. I don’t see why I have to date Black girls.”
“Oh I understand!” Alexandra said with bright energy. “You date white girls because you are a non-conformist! I like that! I think that’s really gutsy!”
“I’m glad that you get it. You are the first person who is not opposed to me being with a white girl.”
“Well, I would date you.” Alexandra said with an expression of deep lust.
I was taken aback by her declaration. Sensing my surprise, she clarified.
“Of course I have a boyfriend. You have a girlfriend. I am just saying that you would be the only Black guy I would date. You are different.”
  During Biology class I talked to Alexandra’s cousin Megan. Megan had shoulder length dirty blonde hair with dull blue eyes. She wore eyeglasses.
“You are in my Cousin Alexandra’s German class, right?”
“Yes. Alexandra is cool!”
“We’ve been close ever since we were 5 years old. She is more like a sister than cousin.”
“That’s cool!”
“Do you have any brothers or sisters?”
“No, I don’t. Sometimes I wish that I had a brother.”
“Do you have any cousins?”
“I have a few but they are all older than me. They are more than 10 years older than me.”
“So you are really an only child!”
“I guess so.”
“That’s why you are different.”
“What do you mean?”
“You are not like anyone else.”
“What do you mean?”
“Well, first of all you go out with a white girl.”
“What’s wrong with that?” I raised my voice in aggression. I thought that Megan was going to criticize me for going out with a white girl.
“There’s nothing wrong with it. It’s cool! I’m just saying that it’s different.”
“Oh ok.” I calmed down.
“Alexandra and I talk about you a lot. We first noticed you last semester. You looked like the type of guy who we could hang out with. You are not like the other guys at school. You are an outcast. You’re a loser!”
“What did you say?” I was furious.
“Don’t take it the wrong way, Kevin!” Megan appealed. “Loser is a term of endearment that Alexandra and I use. We are losers too. When we say loser, we mean people like us that are different and who are not like everyone else.”
“I don’t think that I’m a loser. I don’t think that I’m different from anyone else. Just because I date a white girl doesn’t make me a loser!” I argued.
“Sheesh!” Megan exclaimed. “You are too sensitive Kevin! You should take it as a compliment that you are different. You stand out from the others. You would never be the type of guy who just blends in with the group.”
  I didn’t like the implications of Megan’s statements. I had always considered myself to be normal and part of the crowd. It wasn’t until I started High School that I saw how different that I was from others. It was due to the fact that I came from the Upper West Side. From elementary to middle school, I was just like everyone else. I never considered myself to be different. To the contrary, I thought that the majority of students at Stuyvesant High School were weird. I thought the kids like Chris Napolitano, Al Pataglia, and Dennis O’Connor were strange. I had long considered myself to be part of the elite. I never thought of myself as separate from society. I honestly thought that I was better than most people. If anything, I had a superiority complex. I considered many of the other students at school to be beneath me. Megan’s suggestion that I was weird and a loser made me most uncomfortable.
“Why don’t you hang out with me and Alexandra after school?” Megan asked.
“No, I can’t.”
“Why not?”
“I’m going to my girlfriend’s house. I go to her house everyday after school.”
“Do you fuck each other?” Megan asked frankly which shocked me.
“Well, yes but we also talk and listen to music.”
“Do you fuck each other everyday?”
“Yes.” I was terribly embarrassed.
“I bet she likes it!” Megan said with a mischievous smile.
I didn’t answer.
“Well why don’t you ask her to hang out with us?” Megan asked insistently.
“Emily is not very social. She doesn’t really like most people.”
“Well, she should have more friends!” Megan exclaimed. “She is too much of a loner. She doesn’t have any friends. Alexandra and I were talking about it. It would be cool if we all became friends and hung out!”
“I don’t think so.” I answered firmly.
  I didn’t like the underlying tone of Megan’s voice. I understood that she wanted in. She was jealous of Emily and simply wanted to use her in order to have sex with me. I was also alarmed how Megan and Alexandra were talking about us. I also picked up on the sexual energy that the two girls had for me. Between Megan blatantly asking me about my sex habits with Emily and Alexandra stating that she would date me, I saw potential trouble coming down the line. My fears were confirmed when Biology class was dismissed. Megan grabbed my buttocks before she went the opposite way down the corridor.
  At the end of the school day, I met Emily outside. She was shivering in the early March weather. Her teeth chattered. As we walked through Stuyvesant Park, Alexandra and Megan intercepted us.
“Hey guys!” Alexandra spoke with devious eyes. “Wanna come a get a slice with us?”
“No, Alexandra.” I answered. “We are going home.”
“Can we come with you?” Megan asked.
Emily scowled at Megan. I couldn’t believe that Megan was so obvious. At the same time, I felt afraid. I could see passionate desire in the eyes of Alexandra and Megan. I saw something else even more sinister. I had gone to public school long enough to read the expressions of students when they coveted something that I had. When I used to bring toys, electronic games and balls to school, the boys would surround me and insist of playing with them. When I refused, the incident quickly escalated into a physical confrontation. I saw that what Alexandra and Megan wanted was a pair of balls. They wanted my balls. I took Emily’s hand and walked through them
“Have a nice day, girls.” I said curtly and walked passed them.
The two girls followed us to the 2nd Avenue gate and began to taunt us.
“Going home to fuck aren’t you!” Alexandra shouted.
“Going home to do the nasty!” Megan chanted.
“Emily and Kevin going to fuck! Emily and Kevin going to fuck! Emily and Kevin going to fuck!” Alexandra and Megan chanted as they menaced and followed us.
I turned around with an aggressive face. I raised my fists at them.
Alexandra was undaunted. “What are you going to do, Kevin? Kick my ass?”
I swung my right leg up to kick Alexandra. She backed off. Megan grabbed her arm and whispered something in her ear.
“We want your Nigger cock too! We are going to get it one day!” Megan shouted before the two of them walked Downtown on 2nd Avenue.
  I was filled with terror. It was the first time I had ever been threatened sexually by girls. Emily was just as traumatized.

“What the fuck is that about?” She looked at me with a look both quizzical and suspicious.
“I don’t know!” I replied truthfully.
“Who the fuck are they? Do you know them?”
“Unfortunately, I do. That’s Alexandra and Megan. They are cousins. They live in Riverdale.”
“Are they in your classes?”
“Yes. Alexandra is in my German class. Megan’s in my Biology class.”
“They are nasty bitches! Why do you associate with them Kevin?”
“I sit next to them. I didn’t know who they were before. You know how it is, Emily. You just take a seat next to someone and you get to know them.”
“How did they know about us?”
“Everyone knows about us, Emily!”
“I mean how did they know that you and I have sex?”
“They just figured it out.”
“No they just didn’t figure it out, Kevin. You’re lying to me!”
“I’m not lying to you Emily!”
“Yes you are. You had to have told them that you and I are having sex!” Emily started to yell.
“Emily, the truth of the matter is that we are having sex and anyone with half a brain can see that we are.”
“Kevin, do you want to fuck them?” Emily said with a sadness which broke my heart.
“Oh for crying out loud, Emily!”
  Emily stopped between 20th and 21st Streets. Her face was filled with anguish and sorrow. “Please, Kevin tell the truth! Do you want to fuck them?”
“Well do you, Kevin?”
“Hell no, Emily!”
“Are you lying Kevin?”
“Fuck Emily!” I shouted. “Do you think that I would fuck those two girls?”
“Yes, actually you would.”
“Oh come on, Emily! Give me a break!”
“Why did they say that they wanted your cock if you didn’t tell them that you wanted to fuck them?”
“I don’t know, Emily. They are fucking crazy. They are truly El Sickos if I had ever seen any. I don’t know what the fuck’s the matter with them. I really don’t!”
“I don’t like them at all, Kevin!”
“Nor do I!”
“I’m afraid of them, Kevin. I’m afraid they are going to hurt me!” Emily said with fear and resignation.
“Don’t worry about that. If they touch you, I will kick their fucking ass!”
“Oh Kevin!” Emily put her arms around me and started to cry. “Kevin, I feel that I am losing you! I feel that you are slipping out of my grasp!”
“Shh Emily!” I put my arms around her and started stroking her hair. “You are not losing me. I will be here for you. Don’t worry about those two girls. They are just trying to psyche us out. They aren’t going to do shit to us.”
  Emily kissed me. Tears poured out of her eyes down her cheeks. They flowed down to our lips. I tasted the salty drops on my tongue. As soon as we arrived at her place, we had sex. It was the longest sex we had had to date. We had two hours of consecutive sex. Emily ejaculated lots of fluids which made most of the sheets wet. Afterward she said that she had multiple orgasms. She begged me not to leave. She begged me to spend the night with her. Her mother and grandmother had to plead with her to let me leave. Emily was in hysterics and tears as I left the apartment.
  I took the subway home in terror. Things were not going well. Emily was losing the plot. Ever since the conference I had with her mother, Emily was becoming emotionally unstable. The incident with Alexandra and Megan pushed her to the edge. The sex seemed to burst the dam not only of her genitals but of her mind as well. Her outburst that evening as she tried to prevent me from leaving made the previous Thanksgiving dinner seem tame and mild by comparison. I was worried about Emily. I had thought that being her lover and best friend would help her heal from the trauma of Texas. Somehow, the opposite occurred. I had become her security blanket. I had become her Teddy Bear. No, it was worse! I had become her life preserver. Emily was shipwrecked on the high sea in stormy weather. She clung to me as a survivor clings to a plank of floating wood in the middle of the ocean. She was drowning. I was the only thing which prevented her from going under. The burden of that responsibility hit me like a ton of bricks.
  If that wasn’t enough, there were two sharks circling us in the water. Two cousins were out to destroy us. They wanted to devour me so that Emily would sink and drown. There was no escape from Alexandra and Megan. German 4 was filled to capacity and I could not switch seats. Megan was not only my seating neighbor in Biology 2 but she was also my lab partner. I was chained to them for another 3 and half months. From that evening on, I realized that I had been too optimistic about 1988.
  Spring came according to the 1988 calendar but the weather was still cold and wintry. Emily had calmed down somewhat. I had found the perfect spot for her radio to receive reception for WDRE radio. The two sharks from Riverdale continued to sexually harass me. Alexandra sat behind me in German class and passed me lewd notes. Megan liked to grab my crotch during Biology lab. However, they kept away from Emily and me after school.

The third week of June was exam week. I had to take two Regents exams the following week. I had to take the Biology Regents and the Math 2 Regents. Emily had the same exams to take as well. We took the Math Regents together. We both breezed through it very easily. We had the Biology regents the same day but separately. I had to take the Biology exam with Megan.
  She finished the exam about 10 minutes before I did. Emily and I planned to meet in Stuyvesant Park after we finished the exam. When I stepped out of the 16th Street exit, I was ambushed by Alexandra and Megan.
“Hello Kevin!” Alexandra ginned.
Megan grabbed me by the belt and swung me hard around. Alexandra grabbed my testicles and squeezed them hard. It hurt. I tried to run away but Megan had her fingers tightly around my belt.
“Where do you think you are going boy?” Megan said sadistically. She pushed me onto the hood of a parked Subaru. Alexandra jumped on top of me. Megan punched me. Alexandra jumped on and off of me. Each time she jumped on, the force was harder than before. She grunted with each pounce. Megan began to unfasten my belt buckle. When Alexandra got off me, I shoved them both and ran for the park.
  The two of them pursued me. Megan grabbed my behind but her fingers were unable to grasp my belt. I ran into the park. The girls were fast runners. They were like wolves who were seasoned hunters. They planned and executed their hunt with precision. Just before I came to the circular flowerbed Megan ran past me to the right. I ran to the left. As I was about to clear the circle, Megan charged around the circle. She rammed me hard knocking me off balance. Alexandra tackled me from behind. I fell hard to the ground and skidded a few feet. The girls kicked me as I was down. As I got up Megan stood behind me and grabbed me arms. I was captured. She dragged and pulled me to the bench. Edward passed through the park. He looked at me and shook his head with pity.
  Megan sat me down on her lap with my arms still pinned behind me. Alexandra walked in front of me.
“Alright, Nigger. You’re under arrest. Spread them!” She kicked my feet apart until my legs were spread. Megan locked her calves around my thighs. She pulled my arms further back for leverage. Megan bit hard into my neck.
  Alexandra walked about 15 feet away. She charged straight at me and jumped on top of me. With my legs spread apart and locked by Megan’s calves and my arms locked behind my back as she bit me hard on my neck. I let out a yell. Alexandra charged me 5 times. She then unfastened my belt and started to unzip my jeans. She put her hand down my underwear. She squeezed my penis and testicles. I struggled. I yelled and cursed them out. Megan bit me harder. I yelped louder.
“OK. Now let’s see what Emily gets everyday.” Alexandra said with an evil smile.
“Fuck you!” I spat.
“Shut up, Nigger! If you don’t, I’m going to bite your dick off!”
“KEVIN!” Emily shrieked. Her face was in a rage. She charged directly to Alexandra. “What are you doing to my boyfriend?”
Before Alexandra could react, Emily decked her. In a panic Megan unlocked my calves. I broke out of her arm lock. I stood up, turned and kicked her in the stomach. Emily repeatedly kicked Alexandra. Alexandra curled up into a ball to protect herself. Emily stopped and hugged me.
“Are you alright, Kevin? As soon as I stepped out of the building someone told me that you were being attacked.”
“I’m fine for now!” I whistled a sigh of relief. I shook with nervousness. I had been sexually assaulted. I didn’t realize it at the time. It was another decade afterwards before I realized what had really happened. At the time, I only knew that I had been in one of the most intense and strangest fights of my life. I felt as if I had been mugged. It was not my money that they were after. They simply wanted to take by force my most private property. The most fortunate thing for me at the time was that it occurred during Regents week, most students were not at school so very few reports were made back to the general student population. Also it was the end of the school year and the few that had heard about it would’ve forgotten about it by September.

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