Sunday, November 29, 2020

Wishful Thinking: Three Right Wing Conspiracy Theories That Are Too Good To Be True

By Der Kosmonaut
29 November 2020
Belgrade, Serbia
 It's certainly evident to everyone on the planet that we're living through extraordinary times. This has been an unprecedented year by all measures of indices. Unfortunately however the year 2020 has not produced 20/20 vision. As our civilization goes through accelerated collapse, more and more of the masses, in particular in the Western Industrialized world, have lost the grip on reality. The fear of the unknown and the disintegration of all certainty of life seems to have caused hundreds of millions of people to become superstitious. Indeed, many seem to have thrown rationality and logic away.
  If we as a species managed to survive the 21st Century (this is certainly not assured), future historians would note that the signature of the former half of this century is the exponential spread of various "conspiracy theories". These notions aren't new. In fact, "conspiracy theories" have been the stock in trade of the far-right since the 1920s. From "The Protocols Of The Elders Of Zion", to Italian and Spanish Fascists raging against the conspiracy of Freemasonry, to Hitler's notion that the Freemason's and Jews were conspiring to create a "World Republic", the reactionary right has dwelled in such unsplendid reveries for a century already. Nonetheless, the still inexplicable events of 11 September 2001 in the USA, of which only the most na├»ve and ignorant believe the official version (including many leading Anarchists such as Noam Chomsky), have propagated a flourishing of conspiracy theories. What started as the 9/11 Truth Movement then morphed into the more general and abstract "Truther Movement". What were once quack beliefs of the lunatic fringe have become mainstream discourse and (dis)belief systems. The notion that the Apollo Moon program was a "hoax" (de)evolved into "Flat Earth Theory" are just two of the most popular theories that have become terribly fashionable. 
  It's beyond the scope of this essay to enumerate all of the various conspiracy theories, let alone refute them all. Nor is it my interest to do so. Rather, I wish to highlight three of the most popular conspiracy theories on the reactionary right that have become mass delusional paranoia in 2020. Unlike the irrational, unscientific and frankly stupid theories, I shall examine the more serious ones. While they have created much alarm and have generated such a terrifying prospect for those that believe in them, they would, for me at least, be wonderful if true. So let's examine three propositions.

  Conspiracy Number 1: The Globalists are pushing for a socialist world government to get rid of sovereign nations to have open borders. 
 Wishful Thinking: I really wish that a socialist world government was dawning. It would be the closest to heaven on earth if all borders were suddenly lifted allowing people to move, travel, live and work anyplace on Earth. In reality capitalism is intensifying. Borders are tightening up. Starting from the end of 2022 passport holders from 60 countries including Australia, Canada, New Zealand and the US will have apply online to get pre-clearance to travel to the EU. One must pay for the "visa waiver" fee only with a credit and debit card issued under your name. Even if one is cleared to board a plane or ship to the EU, there's no guarantee of entry. One must have a return ticket or ticket to a non-EU country, travel health insurance, proof of accommodation, plus sufficient funds for the duration of the 90 day visit. So much for the notion that the "globalists" are planning to open the borders and dissolve the Nation State. 
Conspiracy Number 2: The Globalists led by Bill Gates, George Soros under the auspices of the World Economic Forum are implementing "The Great Reset". Supposedly all debts, including house mortgages will be cancelled. Everyone will be placed on an Universal Basic Income (UBI). The ultimate plan is to turn all of humanity into slaves. Even more horrific is that "The Great Reset" will lead to the abolition of private property. All private assets will be confiscated.
Wishful Thinking: I would be overjoyed if all of my debts were cancelled. Like open borders and the freedom to live and work anyplace in the world that I wished, having an UBI would be a dream come true for me. I could then stop chasing paper and trying to hustle and devote exclusively all my time and effort on writing and music. The end of private property and private assets? Hallelujah! Praise the Lord Karl Marx! I'm not down with being turned into a slave. However since when were slaves given money and resources by their owners? Don't we already live under wage slavery under capitalism? In reality, debts will not be cancelled. By the end of next month nearly 20 million Americans willbe evicted from their homes. 14 million Americans are expected to lose their unemployment benefits by the end of the year.. TheRepublican leader of the US Senate has ruled out another stimulus cheque to the American people. Mortgages will not be cancelled. Nearly 6 Million Americans will have their homes foreclosed and be out on the streets by the end of the year. There will be no economic relief for anyone. At least hundreds of millions around the world will plummet into destitution. As far as the reality of "The Great Reset" goes, it's a global reset of class relations with the masses plundered to enrich the 1%. There will not be any financial aid or economic relief for the bottom 99%.
Conspiracy Number 3: There's a global Satanic Cabal running the world. Soon the Antichrist will arise. The Antichrist is most likely Pope Francis. Christianity will be abolished. All Christians will either be killed, transported to extermination or re-education camps. 
Wishful Thinking: After more than 1000 years of Christianity and more than 500 years of the world domination of Christendom, I would welcome the overthrow of the Christian religion. Hell, why not have a Satanic system? It sure as hell can't be worse than the goddamn Inquisition. And even if those that practice Black Magic and Satanism end up slaughtering all the Christians, it would be karmic retribution to the thousands of women burnt at the stake during the European witch hunts. As well as all the heretics burnt at the stake and tortured to death by the Christian church. Karma is a bitch. I have known many Satanists, including two who were my best friends in NYC. Satanists are less likely to cheat, deceive and manipulate than Christians. A Christian is more likely to harm and lynch than a Satanist. Most importantly if one actually reads of texts of Aleister Crowley and Anton LaVey, the most important principle of Satanism is freedom: Free will, free desire, free thought. The ethical principles of Satanism are far higher and more benevolent than any found in The Bible. Of course in reality, like god, Satan doesn't exist. Moreover there are too many fanatical Muslims and Hindus, who make up the majority of the world's people, that will submit to some Western religion such as Satanism. Imagine Iran, Pakistan and Indonesia becoming Satanic countries! Of course the believers of the impending Satanic takeover of the world believe that Muslims are Satanic. Yet according to most contemporary American Puritan fundamentalists, the Coptics, Orthodoxs, Roman Catholics, Calvinists, Lutherans, Anglicans, Methodists, Baptists, et al were never the true Christian religion. Only the Evangelical Megachurches in the US South and Midwest are the true practioners of the Christian religion. Yet they may very well be on to something yet. Christianity has been going through a 150 year plus decline in the Western Industrialized countries. Society is becoming more secular. I pray to the universe that the Vatican be destroyed as soon as possible. Let every single fundamentalist church in the USA burn in hell. After all, that's what they really want!

  All kidding aside, the growth and spread of the various conspiracies theories is something to be very concerned about. From personal experience it's impossible to debate or rationally explain to nearly 100 million plus people about the tangible realities of the physical universe. As the world disintegrates and millions upon millions lose their income, their homes, their physical security, the more psychotic they will become. Now more than ever there's the pressing need for Mass Psychology as promulgated by Wilhelm Reich. We face the prospect of radical fanaticism that will ultimately lead to horrors that will make Nazism and Stalinism look like the Golden Era of Humanism. The believers of these conspiracy theories are as serious as cancer. They are willing to take up arms and kill fueled by their delusions. Those of us that still believe in science, rationality, humanism and secularism must take stock. We must be prepared for the worse. I will conclude with Reality Poem from Linton Kwesi Johnson:
This is the age of reality
But some of we deal with mythology
This is the age of science and technology
But some of we check to antiquity

When we can't face reality
Wei leggo we clarity
Some latch on to vanity
Some hold insanity
Some get vision
Start preach religion
But dem can't make decision
When it come to we fight
Dem can't make decision
When it comes to we rites

Dem one they gone outta line
Dem now live in to we time
For dem she dem get sign
And dem blind dem eye
To to light of the world
And gone search within
The dark and dem doom
And a shout about sin
Instead of fight to win

Tis is the age of decision
So make we let go religion
This is the age of decision
So make we let go division
This is the age of reality
So make we let go mythology
This is the age of science and technology
So make we hold the clarity
Make we hold the clarity

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