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Hot Dog Stand-A One Act Play By Der Kosmonaut



A One Act Play By Der Kosmonaut

The scene is at a hot dog stand at Westbahnhof tram station in Vienna. At the back of the stage is a large screen with a projection of Wienerlinie trams stopping and going. In the background is the Westbahnhof railway station. A 36-year-old Black man is at the stand finishing eating his hotdog. He is a well-dressed poet wearing a black suit jacket with pinstripes with a white collared shirt and thin black necktie. He also wears black slacks with matching black shoes. After he consumes the last bites of the hot dog, he wipes his hands with a paper napkin.


A 30-year-old white Austrian fascist man enters the stage. He spots the Black poet. A look of surprised anger and disgust comes over his face. The Black poet has his back to him. The Austrian is quite tall standing at over 6 feet with a shaved bald head with spectacles. He’s intoxicated and holds a bottle of Ottokringer Beer in his hand. He shouts towards the Black man.

Austrian Fascist: Hey Nigger!

The Black man is visibly startled and turns around to look. He’s overtaken by nervousness as he sees the Austrian Fascist approach with a look of extreme hostility.

Austrian Fascist: Hey Nigger! What brings you to Austria?

Black Poet: I’m just passing through Austria. I’m not staying.

Austrian Fascist: That’s correct Nigger. You’re not staying in Austria. What are you doing in my country?

Black Poet: As I told you, I’m just passing through as a visitor.

Austrian Fascist: Where are you from?

Black Poet doesn’t answer. He looks at the Austrian Fascist gauging the next move. He wonders if he should flee and run or stand his ground. The Austrian Fascist is much larger than he and is aware that fighting may not be the right move.

Austrian Fascist: You’re from Africa, no?

Black Poet: Wrong!

Austrian Fascist: Yes, you’re from Africa.

Black Poet: Wrong!

Austrian Fascist: Let me guess. You’re from Zimbabwe.

Black Poet: Wrong!

Austrian Fascist: You’re from Zambia!

Black Poet: Wrong!

Austrian Fascist: Tell me where you’re from Nigger! I see better now. You’re from Somalia!

Black Poet: Wrong!

Austrian Fascist: Tell me where you’re from Nigger!

Black Poet: Is it so important?

Austrian Fascist: Increasingly perplexed Tell me where you’re from?

Black Poet: Why do you need to know where I’m from?

Austrian Fascist: I need to know. Tell me already where you’re from!

Black Poet: WehrSol.

Austrian Fascist: Utterly perplexed What?!?

Black Poet: I’m from WehrSol!

Austrian Fascist: Body sways from intoxication What?!? I don’t understand!

Black Poet: What don’t you understand?

Austrian Fascist: Tell me once again where you’re from!

Black Poet: I’ve told you already!

Austrian Fascist: I don’t know what you’re saying. Tell me where you’re from already!

Black Poet: WehrSol!

Austrian Fascist: Wer so?!? I’ve never heard of it. Where is that?

Black Poet: WehrSol is between Austria and Africa.

Austrian Fascist: With an air of triumph and recognition believing that he’s figured out Black Poet. I know now. You’re mixed. Your mother is white and your father is Negro.

Black Poet: Wrong Again!

Austrian Fascist takes a large swill of beer and shakes his head perplexed.

Black Poet: What is your problem with Black people? What have Black people ever done to you?

Austrian Fascist: Points across the street to Westbahnhof rail station Niggers are drug dealers. Also, I don’t like them because they take Blonde women.

Black Poet: Don’t you realize that the problem is capitalism?

Austrian Fascist: I hate capitalism. That’s why there are Nigger drug dealers. I’m a member of the Freedom Party. Aha I now know what you are! You’re Muslim!

Black Poet: Wrong again!

Austrian Fascist: Yes, you are! You’re Muslim.

Black Poet: No, I’m not Muslim.

Austrian Fascist: If you’re not Muslim, then what religion are you?

Black Poet: I don’t have a religion.

Austrian Fascist: Squints his eyes in obvious pain and confusion How come you don’t have a religion?

Black Poet: I don’t believe in god.

Austrian Fascist: Dumbstruck by disbelief You don’t believe in God?

Black Poet: No, I don’t believe in god.

Austrian Fascist: How come you don’t believe in God?

Black Poet: I’m a communist.

Austrian Fascist: Body convulses in rage You’re a communist?!? You don’t believe in God?!?

The Austrian Fascist trembles in rage and confusion. He lets out a scream. He shatters his beer bottle on the pavement and puts his hands over his head. Black Poet quickly walks away. Exits stage. Stage lights out.

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