Friday, July 28, 2006

Canadian Brief

Did you hear the joke about Canada? Canada elected a far right wing government but gave it little power to govern. In case you didn’t know, Canada in fact has a far right wing government. How did Liberal Soviet Canuckistan become Conservative North Dakota? Here’s how.

A right wing businessman wanted to avenge the political failings of his father. In order to do so he decided to enter politics and become the Prime Minister of Canada. Unfortunately, he shared his father’s lack of political skill. The right wing businessman was an Anglo-Canadian from Windsor, Ontario who pretended to be a French Canadian from Montreal, Quebec. To complicate his political ambitions, he had willingly chosen to become a puppet of Corporate Canada. He took the country’s “natural governing party” to the right despite the fact that the Liberal Party’s political success has been to the dead centre. The right wing businessman lost his predecessor’s vast electoral majority. Unexpectedly, he was forced to swerve to the left. To cover his tracks, he ran backwards, sideways, up, down and all around.
He was brought down by a swarmy little city councilor from Toronto who suddenly found himself of vast political power. He refused to compromise because he held the balance of power. The little city councilor from Toronto was the leader of Canada’s third party, the social-democratic NDP. He gambled that the Liberals would retain their minority government and that the NDP would have more power.
The NDP declared war on the Liberals but remained Neutral with the far-right Conservatives. The Liberals were hit twice from the left and once from the right and got bumped down a notch. The far right Conservatives, a coalition under the dictatorship of Western Provincial Separatists, managed to sneak into power albeit with less power than the losing government had.
The right wing businessman was Paul Martin. A veteran insider of the Liberal Party described Martin as “a masochistic self destructive man.”
Stephen Harper, a repressed homosexual cow from Calgary is the leader of the far-right Conservative Party. He is a Prime Minister overwhelmingly rejected by the majority of Canadians. It was assumed that he would be kept in check by the majority opposition.

Alas, it is not case that Harper has been kept in check. What the country now goes through is The Stockwell Day Effect. The summer of reaction is upon Canada. All the reactionaries have come out of the closet. The Montreal Police have been given the green light to carry out repression. They have become more serious over the past couple of months. There is increased repression against visible minorities and increased harassment and aggression in general.
In Toronto, people of colour have been harassed by police, immigration and border agents in shopping centres and other public areas.
The local and national newspapers have been printing reactionary editorials. Letters to the editor in the newspapers have been racist and bigoted. Bi-lingualism and multiculturalism are under attack. Trudeau liberalism is being undermined.
New xenophobic and hate blogs have been sprouting in Canada. The latest hate blog insists that Canada has always been a white, English and Christian nation. It promotes the expulsion of all people from Canada who do not fit the above criteria.
In Southern Ontario, Gay Pride parades have been subject to protests and jeers by sexual negating reactionaries. Can West prints national editorials arguing that being homophobic make one a good citizen of Canada.
It is without doubt the far right wing is in government. Still, I do not blame Stephen Harper or Stockwell Day. The blame lies squarely with two men: Paul Martin and Jack Layton.

Paul Martin organized an internal party coup against former Prime Minister Jean Chrétien and pushed the Liberals to the right. Since he had no political skill, he devised his downfall. Had Paul Martin won a majority government in 2004, Canada would have had a politically correct right wing government. His purge of the left or adherents to the late Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau wing of the Liberal Party cost Martin and the country.
Jack Layton on the other hand is even a bigger fool politically than Martin. Layton pulled the plug on the previous Parliament. He gambled that the NDP would hold a greater balance of power.
Layton wants to be Tony Blair. He has moved the NDP to the right. His political strategy is to annihilate the Liberals in the centre left and move the NDP to the centre. For some mysterious reason, the NDP have given free passes to the Conservatives and until this week, had their guns exclusively on the Liberals. This week, Layton is now attacking the Bloc Québécois.
Layton booted, fumbled, stumbled and fell on his ass. The NDP does not hold the balance of power, neither has it opposed Harper at all. In the House of Commons, his caucus spends Question Period attacking the official opposition Liberals rather than the Conservative Government.
Where is Jack Layton anyway? He has turned into the Invisible Man. His disappearance from political sight is more mysterious than Jimmy Hoffa’s. He voted for and supported the Stalinist Federal Accountability Act. He will support the draconian crime bill. Layton is politically stupid.
Instead of having a political spectrum polarized by the left and the centre, Layton wants the spectrum to be between the centre and the far right. In other words, instead of the NDP and Liberals exclusively vying for seats in English Canada, Layton wants to have it between NDP and Conservatives. What an ass he is!
This is what had happened in Nova Scotia. The NDP wiped out the Liberals. The NDP went soft on the Progressive Conservatives. Now Nova Scotia will have a permanent conservative minority government. The NDP is an exclusively urban party that has left the rural ridings of Nova Scotia to the conservatives. The NDP will never for a government in Nova Scotia.
This is being replicated federally with the NDP hell bent on destroying the Liberals. If they continue to do so, they will be complicit in allowing a right wing permanent government to take over Canada.

The first modern right politician Karl Lueger will be up next!

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