Sunday, July 30, 2006

An Die Wiener Verkehrsbahnlinie-On Vienna Public Transit

In lieu of my last post, I reprint this poem that I wrote last December in Vancouver.

An Die Wiener U-Bahn
Which was once called the Stadt Bahn*
Not to confuse with S-Bahn
Die nicht so schnelle Schnell-Bahn**

There's a voice that announces stations
On the U-Bahn and Strassenbahn***
His voice is clear and most sincere
Enunciation not reactionary denunciation

Kar-di-nal Na-gl Platz****
Stadt-park Kon-zert-Haus*****

All the foreigners in Wien********
Learn German quite keen
By riding the U-Bahn
Practice what they learn

From the alphabet
To the numbers
The non-German speaker
Obtains a nice accent

With bored yet patient tone
Each station each stop the highlights are borne
So the passenger is informed
No one feels foreign

Each stop each station is announced
With bus , U-bahn and S-bahn connection
Including the Lokalbahn*********
That travels from Vienna to Baden

When the train or trolley reaches the end
The voice informs of the End-sta-tion
And politely extols
Bit-te al-le aus-steig-en**********

How I miss die Wiener U-Bahn
As well as die Strassenbahn
Painted in socialist avant-garde red
Rote Wien was never dead***********


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