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What was clear about the terror events of September 11, 2001 was the reactionary nature of the attacks. Besides the attacks being the catalyst for another world war, it is clear that they were meant to undermine the existence of air travel.

The most recent terror scare and alleged plot to destroy a dozen airliners over the Atlantic Ocean has revealed the end of free civilian air travel. The extreme measures put in place in the UK, US and Canada shows that the days of civilian air travel are limited. Gone are the days of affordable and comfortable air travel. Gone are the days of free mobility from one part of the globe to the next. Here are the days of flying under arrest. Here are the days of no fly lists where millions of passengers are inspected, screened and scrutinized. Here are the days where passengers are not allowed to be free and are now treated like captive prisoners. Now taking a short domestic flight within the UK, US and Canada is subject to the intense scrutiny once only used on international flights. Here are the days where flying from one friendly country to the next is like traveling from Eastern Europe to Western Europe during the Cold War. When United Flight 93 disappeared on 9/11 it forever took the friendly skies with it.


The dawn of the civilian jet age in the 1960s came about paradoxically out of the Cold War. The jet engine made the planet a global village. Though the US and the USSR were tense rivals, both sides saw the importance of civilian jet travel as one guarantor of peace. International treaties signed in the 1950s respected the right of airlines to cross airspaces over other countries in peace.
Part of the impetuous for this was the Berlin Airlift of 1948. It was common for British, French and American civilian aircraft to be shot at by Soviet forces as they flew over East Germany. The Warsaw Convention guaranteed that civilian aircraft would not be used as targets for war or blackmail and other acts of piracy.
The rise of the civilian jet age coincided at the same time as movements for equality, equal justice, peace and anti-colonialism were at their peak. It was the DC8 which enabled Malcolm X to realise that there was a larger world and context outside of the United States. Martin Luther King, Jr took the Boeing 707 to Oslo to receive the Nobel Peace Prize.
The jet age united the globe in ways never before. Before the Internet age, the jet age had broken down the physical barriers separating the people of the world.
It is true that the jet age was initially a luxury for the more affluent. Lower middle class people were assigned to Coach and Economy while the Upper Classes had First Class. As air travel became more common and flights expanded, air travel became accessible to most of the population in the First World countries.
Since the de-regulation of the American airline industry in the late 70s to the rise of budget air carriers from the 80s to today air travel had become less and less a class mode of travel and had become more egalitarian. However, the attacks of September 11, have introduced a new form of racial and economic segregation on air travel. While Freedom Riders were shot at and beaten up by white mobs as they forced de-segregation on American interstate buses, the airlines had no practice of racial segregation. A flight from New York to Atlanta in 1962 would not have required Black passengers to move to the back of the plane as soon as it flew over the Mason-Dixie Line. Air travel made it inevitable that racial segregation on domestic transport would have to end.
Today Arab, South Asian, Muslim men and women or anyone who does not look European or East Asian are subject to racial segregation. They are asked more questions and subject to more searches than other people. They are subject to different and unequal treatment on airlines and airports than other people are.
The no-fly lists now used in the UK, US and Canada are now new and official ways to bring about racial segregation on airlines. In the next few years, the US airlines will become the first to officially deny Muslims and Arabs the right of passage.
In the near future affluent whites will no longer desire to fly on public civilian aircraft. They will instead chose to fly on private jets or private charter flights. This is turn will cause the airlines to lose revenue. Most airlines rely on Business travelers for revenue during non-peak or non-holiday periods. In order to make up for those lost travelers airlines will have no choice but to raise fares to cover their profits as well as to cover the increased costs in fuel. Airlines will then conduct market surveys to gage how to improve their services. They will discover that their mostly white middle class holiday fliers will not want to fly with Arabs of Muslims. In order to placate and keep their revenue base, many airlines will feel that they have no choice but to exclude and refuse air service to Muslims.
This return to racist segregation will not work for it will only incur the further alienation of Muslims and truly incite more anger and resentments. Very soon, air travel within and between the Anglo-Saxon countries will be restricted to middle class and higher class white people only.
We are flying into World War 3. The crisis in Iraq, the atrocities in Lebanon, Palestine and Israel along with the nuclear triangle of Persia and South Asia are showing the geo-political line-ups. The building nuclear missile crisis with North Korea is also another indicator of the opposing alliances being formed. The Cuba-Venezuela-Russia axis is also illuminating.
What is clear is that there is an alliance of the Anglo-Saxons who are keen to take over the world for their own economic and political agenda. Bush, Blair, Howard and Harper have aligned their foreign policy as one. Bush sets the agenda and the other 3 countries parrot and follow the same words and actions.
Just as Austria and Germany set up a Germanic alliance prior to the First World War, the UK, US, Australia and now Canada are setting up a Pro-Anglo block to dominate the world. The English countries has declared themselves to be the ultimate holders and trustees of civilization. The language used by the leaders and the media discourse reveals an agenda of Anglo-Saxon superiority and hegemony over the rest of the world.
In Part 3 of The Fall of New York: 1997, I first noted of alliances being made against the US. France and China signed a military alliance to counter the US. 9 years later, more alliances have emerged. Russia is now forming a military-economicalliance against the US. China has signaled, through its lack of coindemnation language that it has no signs of stopping North Korea from developing nuclear missiles in range of hitting the US.
The stage is set for the next world war. The Anglo-Saxon Axis versus the counter-hegemonic axis. The world is following very closely the pattern 100 years ago. Both are characterized by an era of massive international commerce and trade. Economic competition is heating up between the major industrial powers. Various imperialist countries are arranging secret deals and alliances with other countries.
France and the US have been engaged in a fierce imperialist rivalry for 60 years now. Jacques Chirac is Europe's biggest imperialist. Chirac is hoping to humiliate the US strategically to make France great again. France, Russia and China are the 3 imperialist countries that are most capable of resisting and challenging the Anglo-Saxon agenda for global domination.
We are still a few years away from open world war. As long as the Anglo-Saxon and Israeli alliance keep the fighting exclusively on Arabs, Persians and Afghans we are not in World War but the moment that Russian, Chinese or French military have their first battles with Anglo-Saxon or Israeli forces then the next war will begin in earnest.
What is clear is that we have crossed the threshold of a global race war. The motivation of September, 11 2001 was to incite a global race war. It succeeded. A race war was luanched under the guise of religious war. 9/11 more than anything else was an excuse to attack and disenfranchised people of colour not only in the Third World but in the First World as well. First it was only Arabs and Muslims who were subject to state racial terror but now Black Americans and Brits of West Indian descent being viewed as new terror enemies.
Since the arrival of SARS in Canada and the Asian Bird Flu, Asians are now people of suspect. Not because they are terrorists but rather because they are perceived to be carriers of disease. As China and North Korea become more assertive in the coming years, Asians will be the next group to be segregated at airports and disenfranchised both politically and socially. We also see that race war has erupted on the streets of France and Belgium. Every EU country engages in some form or racial profiling or segregation. Racial profiling is now a fact in Canada.
This race war can be stopped and the next world war can be prevented. We do not have to live through another global conflagration. We do not have to repeat the mistakes of Austria of the last century. Though the Anglo-Saxon countries have become Liberal Fascist, that means that they can be changed through domestic political agitation. This is especially true in Canada which has a weak far-right wing minority government. Since Canada is not exclusively an Anglo-Saxon country as well as having the most diversity of people living within, it is important that Canada dis-aligns it foreign policy with Australia and the US. Despite its racist structure, Canada is the country that can least afford to engage in a domestic and international race war. The sooner that Stephen Harper is bounced out of power and the Stockwell Day Effect is tossed in the rubbish, the better chance we have to avoid a second genocidal racist world war.

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