Sunday, August 06, 2006

Rapid Kinetic Electric Blue Sparks

I need to take a long ride on the New York subway. Take the A train out to The Rockaways or the number 5 Bronx Thru Express. The number 7 Flushing Express out to Flushing Meadows Park would be nice as well.
I wouldn't mind going to Philadelphia taking a ride on the Market Street-Frankford El from Frankford to 69th Street or take my first ever ride on the PATCO which is a subway system linking Philadelphia with Camden, New Jersey. I could take a special trip to Chicago for the sole purpose of riding the Howard El. I would take a special holiday to ride the Berlin S-Bahn as well as the Vienna U-Bahn and streetcars.
Though I like the Green Line on the Montréal Métro, it's no substitute for the subway systems of NYC, Philly and Chicago or Berlin and Vienna.

Canada's Deficent

Canada has the most backward rail system of th G7 countries. Even Italy has a more developed rail structure than Canada. It's odd that Canada lacks a modern rail system considering that Montréal based Bombardier is one of the world's leading manufacturer of trains and rolling stock. Yet Canada lacks the network infrastructure to accomodate the advanced rolling stock designed and built here.
Canadian National (CN) is a diesel powered freight rail line. Yet CN is the leading symbol of Canadian industrial know-how. This reveals how backward Canada is. There is only 1 electrified rail route in Canada. Part of the Deux Montaignes commuter rail line from Montreal is Canada's first and only electric route. This is unsatisfactory.
A leading source of my frustration in Montreal is the lack of el's. Moreover since the Montréal Métro runs of rubber wheels, it lacks the kling-klang sound of metal on metal which makes trains unique and musical. The Toronto subway is an imitation of the the IND subway system in NYC. However, the TTC lacks any proper elevated lines. The Scarbourgh line is a monorail, not a train. The Vancouver SkyTrain is a mis-nomer as it neither flies nor is it a train. The SkyTrain is a robot which functions as a train. A train is not a robot.
Moreover, there isn't a valid reason why the Québec City-Windsor corridor does not have a high speed rail link. The US has a high speed electric rail line between Boston and Washington, DC which the trains travel up to 140MPH.

Rapid Kinetic Electric
The best acid trip I had was in October 1995 when I took Amtrak down to Baltimore. I felt the AC electrical currents with Rapid Kinetic Electric movement travelling over 130MPH. It added so much intensity to my trip.
The last time I had a Rapid Kinetic Electrical experience was last September when I took 3 brief rides on the A Express and the number 5 Express in New York. The last good Rapid Kinetic Electrical rail journey was on the Thameslink between Brighton and London in England.
Viola! Montréal and Canada lack Rapid Kinetic Electricity. I NEED TO EXPERIENCE RAPID KINETIC ELECTRIC BLUE SPARKS!

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