Monday, August 28, 2006

The Stockwell Day Effect Is Boring Me

I am getting very bored with the Stockwell Day effect. It's not working in Canada and it certainly isn't making much of an effect in Montreal. It's boring. It's trite. It's lame. It's tedious. I have had enough of it's 4 day old feces scent. At first, I could step step over it. Now it is piling up and getting in my way. So the next step for me is to put on my steel toed combat boots and kick the shit out of it.

Stockwell Day is currently the Minister of Public Safety. That profile is the equivalent of the US Secretary of Homeland Security, the UK Home Secretary or the Interior Minister in most Western European nations.
Stockwell Day is a far right wing ignoramus from Alberta. He currently holds a seat in a rural riding of British Columbia. He was the former leader of the Canadian Alliance. The Alliance was the precursor to the current Conservative Party. Before the Canadian Alliance the party was called Reform.
In 2000, former Liberal Prime Minister Jean Chretien sensing that Bush was going to be the next American President and to sideline Paul Martin called an early election against Stockwell Day. Chretien won the largest landslide in Canadian history. At the time no sensible person east of Manitoba would cast a vote for Day.
In 2001, Stockwell Day was sued and convicted of slander. Back in the 1990's, Day had a bout of Orgasm Anxiety and maliciously accused an Alberta lawyer of being pedophile and supporter of pedophilia. For 5 years Day was hysterical about pedophilia. He tailored his entire political clothing in the suit of pedophilia. As Macbeth told his lady: ''My lady, thou protest too much.''
English Canadians in Ontario and The Maritimes never got the good sense about Day's character. He was viewd as shrill, ignorant(apparently Day didn't know that Niagara Falls fell into Canada) and his Christian Evangelical zealousness alienated most enlightenment and secular minded people in Quebec.
Day fell in disgrace from the leadership of the Canadian Alliance where he was replaced by now current Prime Minister Stephen Harper. Harper was able to merge to Canadian Alliance with the former Progressive-Conservative Party(only in Canada coul

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