Friday, August 25, 2006

Yo Blair!

Yo Blair!
You whore of Babylon
You sold out the working class
You puppet of the Nebulans
You showed the world your ass

Yo Blair!
The inventor of New Labour
Give us back Maggie Thatcher
It’s only Rupert Murdoch you favour
We could not have done worse with John Major

Yo Blair!
You cum stain of Bill Clinton
You cheap version of Brian Mulroney
Iraq’s WMD was your invention
The sexed up dossier not worth a Loonie

Yo Blair!
Why do we call you Bliar?
Have you become addicted to Bush’s dick?
Like a junkie cheater and liar
That needs to get his next fix

Yo Blair!
So you want to be a millionaire.
With your petit bourgeois wife Cherie
Planning to buy the mansion in Bel-Air
Drinking Perrier and Sherry

Yo Blair!
I know who you really are
You are The Devil Incarnate
Fucking Trent in the back of the car
The scam is exposed you are too late

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Funny. Intense. Very Punk.

Monday, August 28, 2006  

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