Monday, February 05, 2007


There he goes
The American man
Egotistical and arrogant
Tedious and cumbersome
Proudly displaying his ignorance
Always shooting his cum

There he is
The American man
Sloppy and messy
Adolescent and immature
Clumsy and tacky
Yet remarkably self-assured

Here he comes
The American man
Ready to conquer the world
With machine gun in hand
Needs to dominate and rape some girl
And any other oil rich land

There he stands
The American man
With the flag up his ass
Behaving like a dick
Perpetually passing gas
Showing off his tiny prick

There he talks
The American man
About the Super Bowl
And his sexual fantasies
The cunt is his perpetual goal
Only keeping quiet about his STD’s

There he withers
The American man
His intellect degraded
Not knowing real philosophy
His wisdom faded
Like his hero Heidegger a complete phony

Fuck You I say
To the American Man
With his degraded politics
His global reign only temporary
His con job and dirty bag of tricks
A stupid bigot and low life reactionary

-Somerville, MA

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