Monday, February 05, 2007


There she goes
The American woman
With a voice that’s shrill
A smile very fake
Her grin like a car grille
Thinking she’s Strawberry Shortcake

There she is
The American woman
Always worried about her weight
Attempting various dieting techniques
On a manipulative moralistic trip
Repressed puritan sexuality
She needs to get a grip
America breeds such poor quality

There she stands
The American woman
With the attitude problem looking like a bitch
Showing off her shopping bag from some boutique
Petit-bourgeois pretending she is rich
Lack of grace and class her eternal motif

There she talks
The American woman
About Desperate Housewives and the latest soap
Reading Glamour, Elle and fashion mags
In marriage and family she places all hope
Craving a wedding ring to have something to brag

There she withers
The American woman
Into a suburban soccer mom
Or into a ghetto welfare queen
Marrying and screwing some Dick or Tom
The superficial she’s rather keen

No thanks I say
To the American woman
I wouldn’t care if she was the last
Only European women for me all the way
In the US they are lacking in class
I wouldn’t give a kiss for any amount of pay

-Somerville, MA

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