Monday, February 19, 2007

The Divorce

You say that you are the land of the free

Yet somehow you are unable to see

How you have hopelessly lost the plot

You have become a whatnot

We were never together united

From you I've always felt slighted

In no matter of degree

Did you offer me equality

You constantly proclaim you are the best

The more I travel the world I'm convinced less and less

You proclaim your greatness to foster

I think you are nothing but a tosser

You wonder with awe why the world rejects you

Most convinced how much you are cool

The world's love affair with you is through

For years you played us for the fool

This is why from you I must divorce

For there is no other recourse

I'm here to make money and bid you goodbye

Before I go to Europe my next and ultimate bride

-Cambridge, MA

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