Monday, February 12, 2007


By Der Kosmonaut 

In the spirit of Valentine's Day I post an excerpt from The Fall Of New York.

We saw each other and stopped. She stunned me in her appearance. Her hair was jet black. Her eyes a deep blue. Her skin milk white. I was hypnotised. She looked at me directly from her eyes. They were excited.
‘Do I know you?’ The woman asked hesitantly.
‘You can if you want to.’ I replied.
I quickly grew an erection. She was wearing black denim cut off shorts. Her firm thighs and legs were prominently featured. I wanted to eat them. She was wearing a plain black T-shirt. Her neck throbbed. Her blood was thick and strong. I wanted her vitality in me.
‘You can call me Katie.’ She heaved and sighed.

We walked towards East River Park. Each stride quickened our pace. Our electrical circuits connected. We arrived. We stepped close together. My hands swung upon her buttocks. Her hands grabbed the skin of my hips underneath my button down shirt. As I looked into her eyes, bolts of electrical sparks shot out of my eyes. My hands squeezed her rear flesh. Our tongues met and wrapped around each other.
Katie thrust her pelvis into mine. We extracted and consumed one another’s energy. Physical friction increased as we moved vertically. My physical vitality increased as I lifted her body. Katie lost her strength and wrapped her legs around my waist and locked her calves across my back. Her hands started to lose their grip from my shoulders.
We floated to the ground. Our lips unlocked as we stared into each other’s eyes. I saw her soul, her core energy. It read: ‘Desire and consume’. Slowly I lifted and slid her t shirt off. Her breasts appeared as icebergs in the night sea. Katie gasped and her body arched up into me. My lips surrounded her left nipple. My teeth slowly nibbled the rubbery flesh. My tongue circled the tips as my finger rubbed her right nipple. The electricity voltage increased until Katie hissed.
My head moved down to her right ankle. My mouth, teeth and tongue navigated a course around the ankles, the thighs right up to where her cut off denim began. I unbutton her trousers. White underwear with red roses were revealed. With my teeth on the elastic band, I pulled off her underwear. A mass of black forest concealed her inner sanctum. My tongue circled her clitoris for ten minutes. Then I began to lick the lips of her labia. Before my eyes, I saw the black forest of pubic hair change shape and a reddish pink formation appeared. Katie opened her inner sanctum.
I kissed her entrance. My tongue explored the inner atrium of her sanctum. Her sanctum became moist producing a sweet odour as she discharged fluids. Katie went into convulsions. I wrap her body with my left arm to stabilise her.
I went to her inner thighs as my teeth cut an incision into her flesh. Thick purple blood flowed out and my tongue directed it down my throat. A stream of white fluid streaked out of Katie’s sanctum. Her body tightened, shook and slowly became immobilised. I inserted my thumbs inside her to see if she was sufficiently marinated and vibrating. She was.
I entered her sanctum. Her sanctum kissed it. A steady rhythm started and our circuitry completed. It took hours until Kate and I had reached our unified pace and metamorphosed into a single rapid kinetic electric organism.
Katie was warm and we fitted each other’s physical size. The friction sped up and I felt the need to spark. My penis was the electrical conductor. I discharged into Katie such a powerful force that jolted us one foot off the ground.
I released myself into Katie. My white fluids slowly dissolved into her sanctum as suds from a bubble bath dissolve down a drain. Katie pushed me upon my back. She cleaned my penis with her tongue. Katie discovered that I did not give all of myself. With methodical thoroughness, her mouth, teeth and tongue extracted the remaining fluids from me.
Katie straddled me and slid her inner sanctum upon me. I pulled her down towards me. She yanked backwards pulling me up until I was on top of her on her back. I yanked back until she was on top of me upon my back. We repeated this method back and forth for another quarter hour. When we had finished, we dressed each other. Katie put her underwear on me. ‘So that you will never forget me.’ A final interlocking of tongues for ten minutes. Katie and I parted ways.
I awoke the next day wearing Katie’s underwear. They were soaked and soiled from my nocturnal discharges. I took off the underwear and hung it upon my closet. I decided never to wash it as a permanent souvenir of my encounter in Katie. I wanted to see her again. If only I had asked for her number!
The front door unlocked. It was Kim. She wore her KMFDM shirt which had a wood cut graphic of a couple in coitus. She wore a red plaid skirt cut off at her thighs. Fishnet stockings wrapped tautly around her legs and thighs. She sported 19 hole Doc Martin boots which stretched up to below her knees.
I ran towards her and leaped into the air hissing. Kim anticipated this and caught me in mid air. She slammed me onto the floor with the thrust of her body and pinned me. I felt her teeth tear the skin around my neck. After initial pain, I grew an erection as Kim consumed my blood. A soothing paralysis overtook me as she sucked my testosterone pumped blood.
‘You went drinking last night didn’t you!’ Kim said.
She continued to drink. I felt excited and my strength returned. With the force of my sex, I lifted Kim and assumed top position. I stuck my tongue inside her mouth and bite her tongue. Warm salty fluid filled our mouths cavities. I swallowed two gulps. My right hand slid up her fishnet stockings under her skirt. No underwear. I slipped my fingers inside her.
Kim muffled a groan. I unlocked my mouth. I looked into her pale green eyes and stroked her red hair. Her hair was shaved closely from the middle down. The top was long and grew down as bangs. Kim smiled at me.
‘You were well fed. Your strength is high.’ She kissed me as I got off her.
She got up and planted the tip of her steel toed boot into my testicles. I cringed, lost my balance and fell onto the floor. Kim hopped down next to me.
‘Poor baby. Do your balls hurt?’ Her tone mocking and cruel. Her head went to my crotch. Her tongue massaged my scrotum. Soon it was in her entire mouth as she firmly but smoothly sucked until a stream of clear semen trickled out from me. I sat up, grabbed her left leg and began licking her boot. Kim scowled and snorted.
On the back of Kim’s KMFDM shirt had the text: ‘BLACK MAN WHITE WOMEN RIP THE SYSTEM!’
Kim is my bed mate in Metropolis. She is a succubus from Dusseldorf, Germany. She looks on 22 but claims to be at least 122 years old. We had met in Boston four years prior. She tried to kill me back then but was not strong enough to do so. Once she came very close to killing me but stopped. The next attempt backfired and I nearly sucked the life out of her. Since then, we have been engaged in a sexual tug of war. Neither of us able to decisively win.
Kim walked into the bedroom and undressed.
‘Funky underwear!’ Kim said upon discovering the latest addition to my wardrobe.
‘You can wear it if you want to. As long as you don’t wash it!’ I said.
‘No thank you!’ Kim replied.
I went into the bedroom. Her body had not changed in four years. Hell it hadn’t changed in over one hundred years! One thing that did change was her complexion. When we met her skin was as white as the paper I write on. Now her complexion has darkened slightly. She is not as pale as before. Enough of my flesh and blood changed that.
‘I’m tired.’ Kim yawned. ‘I’m going to sleep. Can I play with your cock while I fall asleep?’
I laid down next to her. Her right hand caressed me until her palms rested motionless. I got up and took a stroll through Central Park.
I returned two hours later. Kim was asleep with a black dildo inside her. I climbed into bed and manipulated the dildo by twisting and pushing it inside. Her head turned slowly in her sleep. Her body stirred. I shoved the dildo out and in.
‘MMMM.’ Kim softly murmured.
My hand moved in quick jerky gestures. A soft sigh escaped her mouth. Small bubbles of saliva foamed on her lips. Her hands reached and touched mine. Her eyes opened. I bite her on her Mons and extract blood. She climaxed indicated by the sudden sweetness in her plasma and quickness of breath.
I got off her twitching body and took a piss. Afterwards, I went to the kitchen and grabbed a can of Pilsner. In the living room I sat on the sofa and read the mail Kim had already opened. When she first opened my mail I was furious and had a severe go at her. She continued to open my mail nonetheless. The angrier I got the more intent she was to read my mail. Eventually, I stopped caring. After all, there was really no harm. Kim was secretive, annoying and downright impossible but she was honest.

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