Friday, November 16, 2007

Chaos In Europe

I went to Prague for 9 days. It was my first time in the Czech Republic since 9 years. I feel sorry for that country. It has been turned into an economic colony of the US, UK andGermany. Yet most of the Czechs don't seem to mind.The day before I left I was in the middle of a street battle betweenAnarchists and Nazis. The Nazis wanted to march through the old Jewish quarter on the anniversary of Kristalnacht. They said they wanted toprotest against the Czech involvement in the Iraq War.Two shots rang out. Then I saw the Nazis run away. I saw one of them get his head bashed with a metal rubbish bin. I saw other Nazis get stomped.

The police made over 300 arrests. Apparently the police caught Nazis with guns and axes. It was mad! I have never seen anything like it before.This seems to be a week of street violence in Europe. Over theweekend, there were riots in Italy after the police killed a football fan. Then a few days ago in Madrid there were street fights between Anarchists and Fascists.There is also a major class war occurring in France and Germany. The French President wants to take away the pensions of railway, utility and other State workers. There is little rail service in the country and no metro service in Paris.The German train workers are on strike. It is the largest rail strike since the 1920s in Germany.Meanwhile, the far right is making political gains all across Europe. A racist party won the most number of seats in the Swiss election. During the campaign, they posted billboards of white sheep kicking black sheep out of the herd. That makes Bush Sr.'s Willie Horton campaign ad look innocent. On Wednesday, another far right party won the election in Denmark. The party wants to kick out all the immigrants and halt all non-whites from moving to Denmark.
Though Vienna seems to be calm there is tension here too. Riot cops are now guarding the entrance to the University of Vienna to prevent violence erupting between left-wing students and far-right wingstudents. Interesting times ahead.
-Vienna, Austria

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