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I would like to know which planet the majority of North Americans live on. Whatever planet they inhabit, it is certainly not in reality. It is certainly not in the 3 dimensions that I inhabit.
I agree 100% with the comments of Rev. Wright, the American Black preacher who said that the 9/11 attacks were "the chickens coming home to roost." That was why I left the US. I left for all and more of the reasons that Wright stated.
North America is out of touch with reality.

But should anyone be surprised that the establishment in the mainstream propaganda media is out to lynch Obama? If he wins the nomination the racist reactionaries will come out of the woodwork. We will see the KKK out in force. It will be like the 1928 Presidential election with burning crosses erected in certain states where Obama will campaign. The Republicans will play the race card aided and abetted by the propaganda agencies which masquerade as a "free press."
I would like to let you North Americans on a public secret. The majority of people in the world agrees with Rev. Wright. When 9/11 occurred, I thought, like most people around the world that it was an obvious and logical consequence of American foreign policy. Simply ask the opinion of Chileans who survived Pinochet, who along with the then US Secretary of State Henry Kissinger, led a coup which occured 28 years to the date prior to 9/11/01, to give but one example. Most of the world was horrified at the atrocity of 9/11. I was devastated to see my home city attacked. Still, it's no surprise that it occurred. It was a direct consequence of the US creating Al-Qaida and Osama Bin Laden in the first place.
I hate to break it to white North America but most Blacks live and experience a completely different country. The church of Mr. Wright was not the only Black church which gave similar sermons.
Of course, no serious politician who runs for President can be associated with such rhetoric. Though Obama has spoken about it in an honest way, the episode simply confirmed to white America why a Black man should not be trusted as President. Even without the Rev. Wright flap, Obama would have lost the general election anyway. If it wasn't Wright, there would have been some other soundbite or miscellaneous incident which would justify white Americans decision not to vote for Obama.
I am an American but I do not love the country. There are many Europeans who do not love the various countries they are from. Yet no one denounces them as traitors. I see that America remains an adolescent and conformist country. As the great American poet Robert Bly put it back in 1996, it's a sibling society.
-Vienna, Austria

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Blogger R. Walton said...

North America is on Earth--it's the big one north of South America. Also, despite our bids for conquest in the nineteenth century, the United States share the continent with Canada and Mexico. Also, North America DOES inhabit the same three spatial dimensions that Europe does. I would know--I have traveled to Germany without any (significant) coordinate translation issues.

Anyways, your garden variety human being wants nothing more than a home, food, water, and to watch his children grow up. Americans are no different--far from desiring national glory, they seek the simple things that most of humanity seeks. Sometimes, though, abnormally evil people find themselves in positions of power and cause problems. It happens in America, but it happens everywhere else. America's foreign policy is flawed--but no decent person can condone the murder of thousands of innocent people that occurred on 9/11.

If America is conformist, it is primarily a logistical problem. There are simply not enough street corners, coffee shops, bistros, and independent film festivals in the United States to accommodate 300,000,000 individualists. Self-expression is further hindered by the crippling dearth of berets in the United States. If things were different, we'd spend our time composing beat poetry.

Thursday, March 27, 2008  
Blogger Der Kosmonaut said...

Der Kosmonaut replies:
Once again the knee jerk reactionaries take everything out of context. Never have I condoned the murder of thousands of people. I challenge Walton to highlight anywhere in the essay or my blog in which I have condoned murder. Moreover, the point of the Rev. Wright was that American imperialism has murdered hundreds of thousands of innocent people and part of the result of that was the disaster of 9/11.
I do not need a geography lesson. I mention North America because the media reaction in Canada was just as hysterical to the Rev. Wright's comments as the US media. Yes, Mexico is part of North America and is an unofficial colony of the United States.
Please spare the simple minded morality about "abnormally evil people." That's besides the point. Imperialism not about good or evil, yet it usually uses such language to justify it's quest for hegemony.
Thanks for identifying me as a beat poet. I appreciate the compliment. Once again that is besides the point. My point about American conformity was not about posers sipping latte in chic cafes pretending to be hip and cool. Nor was it some nostalgic throw-back to the 1960s. Rather, my point about American conformity is that one cannot think independently or critically. One must love America. One must pledge allegiance to the flag. One must be proud to be an American. If someone highlights the very simple truth about American imperialism and it's consequences, as Rev. Wright did, then one is branded a traitor, terrorist or communist.
Finally, you have proved Robert Bly's insight about most Americans being adolescent. Your comment was exactly such.

Thursday, March 27, 2008  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I agree with you
completely. When I was
in Chicago I attended his Church often. He did my kind
of preaching.All you need to do is hear the whole of
any of the sermons and if you had any doubt,
you would know he speaks the truth. I don't know if
you got all the garbage over there that we got here it
was a constant barrage here for weeks. I am glad that
Obama did not turn his back on him and it gave Obama
the chance to make one of the greatest speeches that I
have heard on how screwed up this country is.

Monday, April 14, 2008  

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