Friday, May 23, 2008

New York Fell Part 2: Thought Control Is Complete Over North America

I went to New York for 10 days. Yikes! I shouldn't have gone but if I hadn't, I wouldn't know what was hitting me now.
Vancouver has invaded New York. The former Gov. Pataki created the Air Train. Before the Air Train, there was no direct rail service to JFK. New York was the only Western city without a direct subway or rail link to the airport. So they built a a replica of the the Vancouver SkyTrain line. The cars are made from Bombardier and are automated and without human drivers. It had a recorded voice which sounded like a slightly less sinister version of the Atlanta Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport "subway" system.

Egads! I thought. New York has been taken over by Atlanta and Vancouver! Needless to say I was frightened. The Jamaica branch of the Air Train has been built in the middle of Robert Moses' Van Wyck Expressway. It was also under the Air Train that the NYPD killed Sean Bell with 50 shots. Apparently there were bullet holes high up in the Air Train cement "trestle". I never felt so paranoid in my life. When one enters the Air Train there aren't any signs or turnstiles indicating a fare. When I stepped off at Jamaica I was shocked to learn that I had to pay 5 dollars. I only had enough money for the regular subway. One has to pay 5 dollars for the Air Train and then 2 dollars for the subway to get Downtown.
So I was basically stuck on the Air Train. The gates used are not even turnstiles but plastic automatic barriers like the ones I first saw on the neo-fascist Washington DC Metro. I thought about sneaking out with one of the paying passengers until I remembered that I was not in Montreal or London. I looked and saw panes of reflective glass. I realised that the Port Authority Police were in a booth checking out the scene. I knew that I couldn't sneak my way out.
I saw a Black woman agent. I told her that I had moved out of the country 10 years ago and explained I had expected to take the old free shuttle bus from the airport to the A train at Howard Beach.I told her that I only had enough for the subway but not for the Air Train. She told me that the AirTrain had come into effect 7 years ago and that the free shuttle to the A train was over. Then she tagged me into the Thought Police. She said she would let me out without paying but I had to give her my passport. She went into her booth, copied down my information as well as passport number and then let me out. So I got tagged by the Thought Police trying to get out JFK. Error!
The LIRR Jamaica station has been renovated. I did not think that I was in Queens. I felt as if I was in Cincinnati. I looked at the LIRR trains. They were the ugliest, creepiest and alien trains I had ever seen. They did not have a New York feel to them at all. I really felt that malevolent extra-terrestrials had taken over New York.
I ran underground to the E train. I was relieved because the trains looked the same. I was annoyed because though it was an Express train it crawled along. I saw the faces on the train. The mostly Black passengers looked devoid of any soul. They were defeated. I saw Thought Control slaves all around me.
Since I had to go to the Lower East Side, I thought that I would take the F train. The F and E lines used to follow the same route in Queens and Manhattan until they parted at 5th Avenue. I got off at 5th Avenue and discovered the F had been re-routed along the 63rd Street tunnel. I knew about the new V line. However, the V doesn't run on weekends. (I had arrived on a Sunday). So I realised that I would have to get on the E again and take it to 14th to catch the L Canarsie line. After waiting for 20 minutes the R train entered the station.
"What? Huh? What is a BMT train doing on the IND platform?" I am the youngest person to know the old subway divisions. The conductor announced there was a track problem on the BMT Broadway line so it was running along the IND to Dekalb Avenue. I got on nonetheless because I knew that I could take it to catch the 14th St Canarsie line. Wrong. The R train was running express on the D which meant it would not stop at 14th street. I then waited 25 minutes for the F train. The conductor announced there was no Canarsie line service. So I decided that I would stay on the F train to 2nd Avenue and then walk ten blocks up First Avenue.
Wrong again. Due to "track work" the F was not running along its normal route after West 4th. It was running along the A line to Jay Street. If I wanted to make my stop, I would've had to stay on the F train all the way to Jay Street Brooklyn only to turn around and go on the Uptown F making normal stops. Incredible. Neither of the two trains that I needed were operating. The Thought Police really took the piss out of me!
At West 4th I got off and took the D train. I waited 15 minutes for it. I saw the Black motorman. He gave a scowl that I became quite familiar with in Boston. I realised that the motorman was a vampire. I got off at Broadway-Lafayette. Since the introduction of the Thought Control Metro Card and the elimination of tokens, turnstiles are being phased out replaced by aluminium revolving doors. That is nice except if you are carrying luggage. Many stations do not even have regular doors that can be opened with.
I knew that there would be an old fashioned door on the connecting IRT local stop for Bleeker Street, which is part of the oldest line in the city. As I walked along the IRT local platform, I noticed that the 4 express was stopped on the expresse tracks. I saw the passengers and they looked greatly agitated as if they had been trapped in the train for more than one hour. I heard the conductor announce that due to track delays there would be limited service to Brooklyn. I got out of the subway. I knew that New York was truly dead.
Everyone is the city is dead. Practically no one has any soul. People were devoid of their souls and spirits. Then I saw the new taxi cabs.
The T in taxi is in the same logo as the Boston T. Not surprising given that current Mayor Bloomberg is from Boston. So New York has been attacked by Atlanta, Vancouver and Boston at once.
The social and racial tension is so high that the city is on a thin string. People are not openly vicious because there needs to be some social peace. But the next time there is a disaster, everyone in New York is going to kill one another.
My plan was to to work for a couple of weeks in a temp agency and then go back to Vienna. Wrong.
Since 9/11 all the skyscrapers now have electronic gates like on the AirTrain. The racism is even worse than before. Back in the 80s and 90s, all Blacks were subject to scrutiny each time they entered commercial skyscrapers in Midtown. It is much worse in 2008. I could not just go upstairs to Temp agencies like I used to. I had to make an appointment. When I called to make an appointment, I was instructed to email my CV. I realised with the economy tanking, I was one of tens of thousands emailing their CV's. Good luck getting called for a preliminary interview. I found one skyscraper that I could go up in just by showing my passport and signing my name. When I arrived at the office, I got the New York racist attitude. The woman from New Jersey told me that walk ins were not accepted and to leave my CV with her. However, her tone spoke differently from her words. What her tone really conveyed was: "Nigger, how dare you think you can walk in here without an appointment! You think that our clients want Niggers? Give me your CV so I can throw it into the wastepaper basket!"
I knew right then and there that I had no chance to make any money in New York.
I was so bored in New York. People have become much more anti-social and superficial. Since many of the native New Yorkers have been expelled people have stopped talking to each other. In Thompkins Square Park an old Jewish woman saw me reading poetry aloud to myself. Most New Yorkers would have thought she was a crazy old woman. She was actually an old singer living on welfare and probably pretending to be mentally ill in order to survive and get disability. I read her a couple of my poems. She was so delighted to meet another human being not under Thought Control that she hugged me. If there was one positive thing that I accomplished it was that I probably made that woman the happiest she has been in decades.
My friend DB is 32 years old. He looks like he's 52. That is the price one pays for not being under Thought Control in America. It's killing his body. His mind is sharp but at the present rate he will be lucky if he makes it to 50. He's stuck in the Nebulan web. They haven't got his mind but they have snatched his body. I was unable to help him.
I was under constant attack by the Thought Police.
"What are you going to do with your life?"
"How can you survive without giving up your self?"
"Things are not that bad. Obama might become President."
"You cannot survive in Europe. You are going to have to stay!"
"Go back to Boston! You can find a job there!"
"You are not an artist! You are a failure! Get your shit together!"
I complained with one American about everything that was wrong.. She said: "Why don't you go back to Austria!"
That sewed it all up for me. Even my friend Max who is under Thought Control concluded I should go back to Vienna ASAP. He said that I looked unhappy and bored.
That is how it all came clear that it was time to steer clear of North America once and for all. I could see nothing but death and soulless emptiness.
I realised just how almost everyone was under Thought Control. Those that were not were few and far between.
I saw the last piece of the jigsaw puzzle. I saw enough which made me snap. It pushed me over the edge once and for all.
However, I made 2 mistakes. The first was ever going back to NYC and the US but I had to see what it was like to fly into JFK and if I could fly out getting away with it. The second mistake was getting caught on the Air Train. Oh well.
Because their human civilian robots were unable to detect me, the Thought Police are now coming hard after me.
I had to see just one last time what I was getting away from and giving up.
Thought Control is real! The Thought Police control 99% of North America's population. What is worst is how politically and socially "aware" people are unconscious that they are under Thought Control.
The TP have declared war upon all those in the Western World not under Thought Control. You have been warned!
-Vienna, Austria

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