Saturday, January 31, 2009

Rapid Kinetic Electric IRT Express!!!!

I'm missing the IRT Express subway. The foundation of my creativity, my passion, my sex drive, my music, my poetry, everything comes from the 7th Avenue IRT express. Many folks not from New York don't get it. Even those who have visited NYC and have been on the subway still don't get it.
Below is a clip from the IRT 59th Street Columbus Circle station. This was part of the original subway line from 1904. What makes this station unique is how is is built as a S-curve. This station is the fulcrum not only of the subway system but is the nerve centre of the city's pace and speed. The clip shows the number 2 Express racing through the station. Take note of the speed. This my friends, is the genesis of my mental patterns and my creativity. Check it out!

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