Thursday, May 07, 2009

Psychotic Psychological War Games

Mexican Swines
The Swine flu is simply a psychological operation to scare and divert people's attention to the fact that they are about to be turned into peasants/slaves again.
First it was called Swine Flu until the Hog industry lobbied Washington and the WHO to change the name because consumers were not buying pork. Also to divert attention from the unsanitary conditions of industrial ranching. Now it's being called the Mexican Flu. This is the worst racist campaign I have ever seen in my lifetime. The latest news concerning this out of Canada is that a Mexican worker infected over 200 pigs at a farm in Alberta.

First the flu story narrative was that it was transmitted from pig to human. Now the story is that Mexicans have transmitted it to pigs. An entire nationality has now been de-humanised! Mexicans have long been considered to be dirty by the majority of Americans but now it is an official scientific consensus. Mexicans are no longer human. They are now pigs. Pigs connote filthy animals.It's a near universal metaphor to describe a pig in the most negative and unflattering terms. Cops are pigs. Sexist men are pigs. Dirty and unsanitary people are pigs. The Swine/Mexican Flu is the largest propaganda campaign ever to make people afraid. Instead of thinking about their impending poverty and to realise that the elite are screwing them over and rise up in revolution, people will now be afraid of the flu and by extension Mexicans.
In Pakistan, another racist fictional narrative is being concocted. The US is in the process of triggering another military coup in that country. However, the US is playing with fire. Pakistan is on the verge of Revolution. The latest propaganda states that the Taliban (Who knows what that is? It's simply a word thrown about recklessly. Most of the public thinks the Taliban are simply terrorists responsible for 9/11. Replace the word Taliban with Communist, Nazi, Jap, Jew) is on the verge of taking over the Pakistan. Since the beginning of the year nearly 10,000 civilians have been killed by US drone and air strikes as well as by the Pakistan military. Just as Obama promised, he is expanding the Afghan war to Pakistan. He has promised to do this since 2007. The NY Times, which is controlled by the CIA, published an article this week which was more a script for a Hollywood summer film than a factual report. The "Taliban" are almost close to toppling the government and could before the end of the year be in control of Pakistan's nukes. This is sheer nonsense. This is simply spin to justify a military coup, invasion and occupation by US forces. However, this could really trigger WW3. The US is playing a very, very, dangerous game.
Green Light For Kurdish Genocide
As to Turkey, the racist script goes on regarding the wedding massacre in the southeast of turkey. (How quickly the Western media forgot about the wedding massacre committed by the US Air Force in Afghanistan a couple of years back.) This is an old story. This is the same as the Mumbai "terror" assault last fall. That was blamed on Pakistani Islamacist (an invented word which cannot be found the English dictionary) "terrorists". This is all connected. After the Mumbai attack, the Indian government passed a series of anti-terror (read anti-democratic) laws much more draconian than the US Patriot Acts. The US hopes to get Indian diplomatic if not covert military support as it tries to take over Pakistan. Last month, Obama paid a State visit to Turkey. He made it very clear that he wants Turkey to assert itself as America's attack dog in the Mid-East and Central Asia. In other words, Obama wants to resurrect the Ottoman Empire. The Turkish State is engaging in genocide against the Kurds. (Another forgotten about and ignored holocaust which no one gives a damn about.) This attack will be used as a pretense for Turkey to launch an invasion of Northern Iraq. Turkey opposes any independent Kurdish state anywhere on its borders. Obama has given Turkey the green light to invade and occupy Kurdistan. It serves a couple of purposes.
First, it takes the pressure off the US military in Iraq for its troops to be transferred to Afghanistan and Pakistan. It also will allow for the breakup of Iraq along sectarian lines which really means 3 powers will colonize Iraq:
Turkey will get Northern Iraq/Kurdistan.
US will get Baghdad and the Sunni Triangle in Central Iraq where most of the oil fields are.
The UK will get the Sh'ite south which contains the golden prize of the port city Basra.

I refuse to read, watch or listen to the mainstream news anymore. I simply cannot have my intelligence insulted. Every major media outlet in the West does not report anything true. If they do, it is twisted around. Austria, Germany, Switzerland, France, UK (except the Guardian), Canada, US all publish and broadcast lies, half truths, innuendo, fear and the most disgusting racism. I get my information from only 5 sources:
Global Research, World Socialist Web Site, Democracy Now, Black Agenda Report and the San Francisco Bay View. From those sites, there are always links where one can do further research and data mining. Everything else is a waste of my time. Swine Flu, Taliban, Credit Crisis, PKK are all put out to confuse people and put them under thought control. The vampires are out in the open. Yet most people do not see them! The vampires are out in the open light of day killing, feeding and sucking the blood out of the planet and people are still comatose! Wake up! Wake up! Wake up! Wake up!

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