Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Storm Warning

I am 100% certain that the world is being subjected to the largest psychological war operation in history.
The people of the Western world are alienated, confused and weary. They do not know what to believe or how to think anymore.

The preparations for global martial law are advancing minute by minute.
There is no cash left in the world as it is being hoarded by a handful of banks.
The police and military of the Western countries are on high alert.
The attempts to stop the people of the world from rebellion this summer are advanced.
It is now official that Goldman Sachs runs the US Government.
The people of the UK live under fear and terror by the police.
White people are defeated. Only the elite whites are in charge. Whites no longer have the moral nor rational capacities to resist or offer any solutions. Only 1% of them not in the upper echelons of power and wealth are aware of what's going on. It's the end of the white race but they are determined to take out all of humanity with them. Its only Black folks in Oakland that are ready for Revolution along with the aware ones in Philadelphia and the WBAI Radio listeners in NYC. The rest of them in the US are under Obama's spell. In Africa, only the Nigerian brothers are taking a serious stand. The brothers in Cuba will defend the revolution as will those in Venezuela.
WBAI Radio has only one of two roads to take. It must remain in the hands of our people under the leadership of Bernard White, Errol Maitlaind, Deepa, and the British sister or it will shut down permanently. White people will not under any circumstances be allowed to purge out the only radio station in North America for Black consciousness. It will be our radio station or no one's.
Pakistan is on the verge of revolution and there is nothing that the US can do about it. Indeed, the US is speeding up the process of revolution in Pakistan. The US cannot occupy Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan at once. They will not be able to rely on the assistance of the UK. For the presence of British troops back in Pakistan would be intolerable after they were ejected 60 years ago. China will be forced to intervene which will place it squarely against US interests.
This has been a storm advisory issued by Der Kosmonaut.
-Belgrade, Serbia

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

This more than a storm, it's everything the creator has to right the wrongs of elitist snowpeople.
We need not worry about automobiles, (white)flu's, food supplies and yes! water, or banking crisis. That's misdirection.
The brother is right, 'military state'. Slavery that has never been seen or concieved. Something I will not partake of.
Will die on my feet before I live on my knees

Wednesday, May 06, 2009  

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