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Thought Police+Thought Control=Google

It’s War!
War has been declared. The Thought Police are acting with maximum aggression. The previous 15 years were low level skirmishes. As I documented in the text The Fall Of New York, I had a few battles with the TP. Though intense, these battles were small attacks and counter-attacks. These battles were mostly fought on the psychic plane. The battle fields were in the realm of my dreams. The warfare rarely occurred in the physical 3 dimensions of depth, width and height. These were exclusively fights of telepathy. There were some physical manifestations which left evidence of my victories and defeats. However, these were mere markers which served as proofs that I was neither imagining nor hallucinating these experiences.

I inflicted devastating blows against the TP. Every attack by the TP was met with brutal and ruthless counter attacks. Each time the TP attacked harder with increased power, my response was always double of what they dished out. In 1996, I went on the attack. I travelled to Atlanta on a punitive expedition against the Nebulans and TP. The four day attack was a picnic for me. I was quite surprised how weak the Nebulans and TP were. They never laid a finger on me. My easy victories over the TP and their obvious weaknesses left with over-confident. I thought that I could single-handedly defeat them.
Unfortunately, I seriously underestimated the psychic weakness of the masses. While I could easily deflect and side-step the attacks of Thought Control, most people could not. I found myself increasingly isolated. I saw practically everyone around me submit to Thought Control. By the end of 1997, the TP had pacified New York and the Nebulans had New York wrapped within their web. I realised that though I was personally not under TC, everyone else was. I was not caught in the Nebulan web. However, I still realised that I was in the same prison as everyone else. I had two choices: Submit to TC or to lose my mind. I realised that the US was under full TC and that it was time for me to retreat in defeat.
In Europe and Canada, I felt safe as the TP had yet to penetrate those countries. However, one by one I watched country after country and city after city succumb to Thought Control. What was most frightening was how the resistors to the political manifestations of the Nebulan agenda were themselves under TC. The anti-capitalist, anti-globalist Anarchists and Marxists were under TC. The Thought Police had defeated them. That left them vulnerable to the repression of the civilian and State police forces. They are trapped but do not realise it. They do not understand that their fight against Capital and the State is just one aspect of the Nebulan agenda. Because they do not see, acknowledge or understand the multidimensional character of what is occurring on the planet, they are doomed to failure.
I do not worry too much about the Nautical Robots, which is the name that I give to the 3 dimensional tools of social and political control. While I know that they are deadly and that they can torture, imprison and kill me, I know how to navigate around them. I am not a “criminal” under the penal codes. As I have mostly retired from political activism of demonstrations and direct political action, I do not worry about the political secret police forces. I am not trying to organise any mass actions or resistance to the system. I am nothing but a poet with a small and insignificant audience. My words have no impact upon the political reality. Since most people are under TC, they think that I am crazy, paranoid or simply they do not understand at all. I am dismissed as an idiot and a fool. I am seen as a pessimist. I am seen as a grumbler. My words have minimum effect on mass consciousness. Moreover, as I do not advocate violence, terrorism or any other type of “dangerous” activity, I cannot be legally persecuted. Since I have left the danger zone of North America, I need not worry about being set up, framed and railroaded on some bogus charge.
The times are changing. As the Nebulans find themselves on the defensive and more and more people are boiling with anger, the TP are acting under a State of Emergency. Any type of dissent is now seen as a threat. For this reason, I have found myself under overt attack by the TP.
Der Kosmonaut Versus The Canadian Thought Police
The first attack occurred last month here in Belgrade. I was at a bar with two of my friends when a high ranking agent of the TP arrived. During the mid 1990s, I knew the Chief of the Thought Police in New York who went under the name of Dale. Dale was a tall white man who appeared to be in his early 60s. He always wore 1940s colonial explorer clothing akin to Indiana Jones. Dale is dangerous and he is the most powerful agent of the TP. Dale is a millennia old entity.
The night in the Belgrade bar, a man arrived and he looked suspect from the start. He wore the same type of clothes as Dale but carried an old fashioned camera around his neck. It was unusual as it was late in the night. This man tried to disguise himself as a tourist but he wasn’t fooling anyone. He tried to get my attention through eye contact. I made eye contact and realised immediately he was Thought Police. I also realised he was homosexual. My internal alarm was set.
I noticed he had a North American accent so I asked him where he was from. He said that he was from New Brunswick, Canada. He began to boast about his political affiliations. I asked whether he was Acadian or English. He replied that he was English but a strong advocate for Quebec independence. I knew right there and then he was an agent. This led to a political conversation about Quebec and the place of the Acadians. To my utter disgust, he parroted the blatant lies propagated by Quebecois nationalists concerning the Acadians and other Francophone Canadians. The Acadians, according to this agent, were nothing. They were not really French. They were ignorant. They lacked culture and did not really speak French. The Quebecois in contrast were the only true French Canadians. The Acadians and Quebecois were the same people. Eventually the Acadians will be assimilated into Quebec in order to become French again.
As usual, he didn’t realise he was speaking to a person who knew Canadian history. I flatly contradicted him and told him that the Acadians and Quebecois had very little in common. The Acadians were Protestant exiles. Quebec was set up by the Catholic Church in order to extend the French Catholic Monarchist hegemony over the Protestants who had fled. I explained my understanding of the political divisions between Quebec and L’Acadie. Moreover, it was the Acadians which were routed and subjected to genocide and exile, as the Quebecois were left largely unscathed.
Challenged by an alternative narrative in contradiction to the myths told by Quebecois Nationalists, this agent got very aggressive. He asserted that the Quebecois were the only true French Canadians. Moreover, he said that his was the biggest English ally that the Quebecois separatists have. Quebec was going to be an independent country in the future and he was going to make sure of it.
Bless the Serbs. My friends didn’t know what we were arguing about. They knew it was about Canadian politics but couldn’t follow it. All of my Serb friends have quickly understood my temperament. They saw that I was getting angry and that things were going to escalate very soon. My friends told me to sit by them and talk with them. Contrary to the propaganda, the Serbs are incredibly calm and light-hearted people. They are also very perceptive. Everyone in the bar was on to this guy. No one liked him. They knew he was full of shit as he continued to brag about himself to the other Serbs.
“I have an Upper Class English Montreal accent!” He boasted with odious arrogance. “Everyone in Montreal knows that I have an Upper Class English accent. I am an Upper Class English Montrealer!”
I was losing my patience rapidly. He was a bald faced liar. He told me that he was from New Brunswick. Next, he was bragging about being an upper class Anglo Montrealer. His story wasn’t adding up. Was he from Fredericton or Montreal? Was he Anglo New Brunswick or Anglo Montreal? He had told me earlier how he ran for mayor of Fredericton and won 35% of the vote. When I asked him his party affiliation, he relied independent. He continued to brag loudly:
“I come from a good pedigree. I come from the best pedigree of English Canada! My pedigree is unmatched in Canada. I have pure upper class blood!”
The Serbs looked at him as if he were a joker. Given the recent civil-wars in Yugoslavia in the name of blood and pedigree, he was quickly assessed as a dangerous reactionary. I was about to stand up and hit him, when my friends intervened and decided that we should leave. I decided to give my salutations to the other people that I met. When the agent wanted me to shake his hand, I refused.
“I’m not going to shake your hand. You’re CSIS!” I turned and walked away.
The agent lost the plot. He jumped up and followed us shouting at me.
“How dare you say that to me! How dare you call me CSIS! Do you know who I am? I am one of the most progressive politicians in Canada! How dare you accuse me of being part of a repressive agency of the corrupt Canadian government!”
Everyone in the bar looked at him with surprise and raised eyebrows. My friends quickly settled our tab with the server. She quickly accessed the situation and told him to fuck off. The agent was livid. He continued to attack me.
“It is people like you who make Serbia bad! It’s people like you who oppress! You are the reason why everything is wrong with Serbia and the world! It’s because of negative people like you that things are bad. It’s your negative attitude that’s the problem!”
Neither my friends nor I could believe what buddy was saying! It was the most hilarious absurdity any of us ever heard. The agent was not finished.
“Who was it that saved Bobby Fischer? It was me! Who was the person that got Bobby Fischer out of North America and saved him from being arrested by the Americans? It was me! Bobby Fischer slept at my apartment! I was the one who protected Bobby Fischer!”
My friends pushed me out the door. Incredible! I had never experienced anything like that before. I busted an agent of the Thought Police. His over-reaction validated my suspicions. What a poor agent he was! He couldn’t even keep his cool. If someone had accused me of being with the CIA, I would have laughed and shrugged it off. He went ballistic when I called him CSIS. In his over-reaction he said too many things that should not have been said. Even if he did provide sanctuary to Bobby Fischer, it’s not exactly the type of thing to scream out in a bar in Serbia. He needed to take more care with what he said.
My Serb friends and I laughed about it for hours afterwards. N made the following crack imitating the agent: “Help! Help! I’m being attacked by Black Serbs!” This was another easy victory against the TP.

The Battle Of You Tube
Within the past 3 weeks, I have come under increasing attack on the Internet. This is the current theatre of war between myself and the Thought Police. Nearly 4 years ago, video clips of my Montreal performance of The Fall of New York was posted on You Tube. There were a couple of racist and reactionary comments posted. However, that is nothing unusual for You Tube. I also took it as a good sign that I was doing something right if the rabid racist reactionaries came out of the closet to attack me. I was defended by the person who filmed the video and by one of my Serb friends who left a devastating remark in reply to one of the racists. I decided to counter attack my detractors personally.
Around last Christmas, I watched the 1980 TV film adaptation of “The Martian Chronicles.” Here is a quick summary of the first part of the film. The United States attempts to colonise Mars. However, the Martians rightly kill off the first two expeditions. Spender, one of the characters who is apart of the 3rd expedition has his doubts about the entire enterprise. He understands the colonial and imperialist nature of the attempt to colonise Mars. He suspects that there is intelligent life on Mars. What will become of them? When the 3rd Expedition arrives, Spender is assigned to scout the area. He reports that thousands of Martians have died of Chicken Pox. The first two expeditions carried their germs from Earth killing off the Martians. Spender sees how the other astronauts start to trash the planet. Spender decides to prevent the colonisation of Mars by Earth. He dresses as a Martian and kills all but 2 members of his crew. Spender knows that if the 3rd expedition is killed including the director of the entire project who is on the journey, then Earth will give up attempting to colonise Mars.
I left a comment how the film was making a parallel between the colonisation of South and Central America by the Spaniards and the colonisation of Mars. The Spaniards caused the death of most of the Inca with germs they brought along with them from Europe. I also noted how interesting it was that a Black actor played Spender. It was natural that Spender understood that the attempt to colonise Mars was the same as the European colonisation of the Americas and Africa. Spender understood that the Americans would have treated the Martians in the same way that Europeans treated Blacks.
Well wouldn’t you know it but 5 months after I left the comment, I got attacked by a reactionary. I was accused of “anti-European racism.” I was attacked for failing to mention Arab imperialism! Moreover, said my assailant, unlike the Martians many of the Natives in South and Central America survived. Indeed, my assailant continued, South Americans, Africans and Asians have boomed in number thanks to the developments of modern agriculture and medicine introduced by the Europeans. In other words, if it were not for the White Man’s Burden, the non-white peoples would still be backwards.
I ripped into this attacker. 45 million indigenous dead, over 10 million Africans dead just from the trans-Atlantic slave trade alone. Over 10 million Congolese killed plus hundreds of millions more killed all over the world at the hands of Europe. This is supposed to be justified in the name of medicine and agriculture advancements bestowed by generous Europeans. Not to mention the disparity in health care between the First and Third World countries. The income disparity, life expectancy and infant mortality rate in the Third World lags far behind because of imperiliasm and neo-colonialism.
He counter attacked using the arguments of Niall Ferguson in his trash history account of the British Empire. I told my assailant that he was full of shit. I told him You Tube was not the place for polemics. I gave him the URL to this blog and told him to come here to debate me. I will return to that in a moment.
Then last week I received a personal message via my You Tube account. I was accused of being anti-American. “Why do you hate New York? Why do you hate America? You’re anti-American and that’s wrong.”
Obviously, this was in response to The Fall of New York video. Well it is true. I am anti-American. There’s nothing new about that. There is nothing wrong with being anti-American nor is there is anything particularly special or unusual about being anti-American. I replied as to why I am anti-American. I spelt out how I used to love New York but hate what is has become. He replied accusing me of discrimination and prejudice. I was wrong to hate anyone. I was wrong to hate people simply for having been born in the US. It was an annoying message and actually re-activated my hatred for Americans like him. I replied that he was an idiot and that he was wasting my time. If he didn’t like that I was anti-American he could go fuck himself. My tone was nasty mostly because he made me angry but also for him to get the message to leave me alone. However, he had to have the last word and replied with some politically correct platitudes about the evils of hate. I am equally stubborn and never let morons have the last word. I told him that he never refuted the facts I presented as to why I hate America. He wouldn’t surrender. No matter what American imperialism does, there is no excuse to hate the country. He replied that he was gay and wants same sex marriage but does not hate the homophobes. His attitude is typical of everyone under TC regardless of their gender or sexuality. They are masochists who desire to be raped up the ass by those who wish to kill and enslave them.

Blogspot Attempts To Censor Me
After my previous post on this blog, Blogger sent an email informing me that my blog was locked. I was told that my blog had been flagged as a Spam Blog. I had to reply to a link and fill out a box to prove I wasn’t a spammer. For 48 hours, my blog was locked and I could neither post nor edit any texts.
It’s suspicious that after 3 years of having this blog that I was suddenly flagged as a problem. My posts have always been provocative. I make no secret of my radical politics. I am no stranger to controversy. No sooner had I posted my previous blog, it was blocked. My blog is obviously unlocked now but I remain suspicious.
My Fall of New York video has been on You Tube for 3 years and has not elicited other than a few reactionary posts. Suddenly, I have received personal attacks for being anti-American. I made an informed comment (which is quite unusual for You Tube) about The Martian Chronicles and got attacked as an anti-European racist. The Canadian accused me of being negative and blaming me for everything wrong with Serbia.
The most recent incident was the temporary shutting of my blog. Why do I suspect that the same persons attacking me in Belgrade bars and You Tube are responsible for my blog being shut down? No doubt, some reactionary came across my blog and made a complaint or report about it being spam. Of course, these people do not have the guts to leave a comment to challenge me because they know that I will smash them.
Fusion Centers Are Thought Police Outposts
Last month, I read an insightful article on Global Research on the US Fusion Centers. Fusion Centers are offices set up by the Department of Homeland Security in tandem with local FBI and State police forces. In recent months, the Fusion Centers have released very dodgy reports indicating that all types of political dissenters are potential terrorists and domestic enemies. Current and former members of the US Congress along with their followers have been accused of being “extremists” and “terrorists”. According to Black Agenda Report, a few historically all-Black colleges in Virginia, which have no history or tradition for any political activism, have been tagged by Richmond Fusion Center for places where foreign terrorists are hiding and hatching terrorist plots as they blend in with the Black students.
The Global Research article specifically reported how agents from the Fusion Centers have been going online to You Tube and other public Internet forums to harass and contradict posters who are critical of Obama, the exapdning wars and the financial bailouts of Wall Street with public money.
Why should I not suspect the same agenda is behind the attack against my blog and my You Tube video clips and comments? Just as I predicted last year in the post “New York Fell Part 2: Thought Control Is Complete”, those not under Thought Control will come under attack. What is different now than 15 years ago is that fewer and fewer people believe the mainstream media. The Internet has created new avenues for information and research outside of the corporate and government controlled outlets. In the past, newspapers such as the New York Times would never publish dissenting letters sent to the editor. TV news never played clips of ordinary people on the streets critical of the official version. The Internet has now allowed this. Before, the Thought Police kept their actions limited to telepathic sabotage. This no longer works. The Thought Police are now acting within the 3 dimensions these days.
How long before forums such as Blogger and You Tube are restricted and/or shut down? Why do I suspect that You Tube will start charging to have videos posted or to even watch them at all? Why do I get the nagging feeling that I will open my email one day to be informed that my blog has exceeded the MB limit and that I will have to pay a premium fee in order to maintain my blog? Not only is the profit motive involved but also surveillance. No one is required to provide their real name, address and phone number for a free service. However, they will be forced to provide these if they have to pay with a credit card or through electronic banking.
It’s war. The Thought Police are real and are engaging in the profiling, flagging and attacks against dissenters such as myself. My blog remains available for now. At the same time I am certain that it is receiving special attention as is my email communication. The NSA legally intercepts and stores all emails within and outside of the US. Blogger is owned by Google which also owns Gmail and You Tube. Google Earth is currently expanding its Street View photographic maps. I can only conclude that Google is the technology branch of the Thought Police. I retain free expression and remain uncensored but for how long?
-Belgrade, Serbia

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