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Fascist Rampage In The US

Within a week of the murder of Dr. George Tiller in Kansas, a neo-Nazi white supremacist attacked the National Holocaust Museum in Washington, DC killing a Black security guard. These events are serious warning signs about the political and social climate currently in the United States. As I have predicted, the murder of Dr. Tiller was only an opening salvo in the coming civil war within the US.
One must examine why this is occurring after a decade of relative silence from the extremists reactionaries. There are two issues which are intimately connected but must be examined in detail separately.

Since George W. Bush stole the Presidential election of 2000, the far right was placated. Their representative achieved a coup d'etat and established a far-right dictatorship. The events of 9/11 2001 and the consolidation of absolute political control by the far-right Republican party was the realisation of the goal of the reactionary right. The roots of the rise of fascism in the US goes back to the Presidential election of 1980. Ronald Reagan began his campaign in Philadelphia, Mississippi at a white supremacist convention. The first organisation to endorse Reagan was the Ku Klux Klan. The election of Ronald Reagan was primarily a backlash against the political gains of Blacks after the Civil Rights movement as well as the counter-struggle against women's equality which was manifested in the Equal Rights Amendment, known at the time as the ERA.
1982 was the most important year of the 20th century but mostly for the wrong reasons. It was that year that the ERA was defeated in the US Congress. It was also the end of the Civil Rights era. As Manning Marabel put it succinctly, 1982 was the end of the Second Reconstruction. 1982 was also the year in which neo-liberalism became the official religion of the US and UK. Milton Friedman of the University of Chicago was elevated to the position of High Priest. The economic agenda of neo-liberalism over the next 25 years swept all across the globe and is now dying a well-deserved and inglorious death since 2007.
The far right began to take control of the country's media piece by piece. By the end of the 1980s, the fascists had come to dominate the Radio Talk Shows on the AM frequency. Radio hosts such as Bob Grant in New York spewed hate speech to listening audiences in the tens of millions. He was followed on the national stage by the extremely reactionary Rush Limbaugh.
On the TV airwaves, Rupert Murdoch launched the Fox Network in 1987. It was not until the mid 1990s that Murdoch launched Fox News Channel. For the first time, in the history of American media, did white supremacist and fascist ideology reach a mass audience on a daily basis. By 1996, the formerly "independent" big three networks (ABC, CBS and NBC) were bought and taken over my multinational industrial corporations. In effect, the airways were controlled by the class interests which represented the military-industrial complex and became simply propaganda organs. It is correct to note how the mainstream media had always played propaganda roles for American imperialism and capitalist interests but and especially since the Telecommunications Act of 1996, the mainstream media is now explicitly an instrument of imperialist propaganda.
One of the most puzzling features of the 1990s was the abject hatred the reactionaries had against Bill Clinton. Clinton was not a liberal by any stretch of the imagination. In many ways he was more right wing than any of his predecessors since Franklin Roosevelt. He was a racist by virtue of his contempt for Black people. He was a militarist imperialist which was most exemplified by his illegal bombing of Yugoslavia in 1999 and his eagerness to attack Iraq at the beginning of 1998. He was contemptuous of the poor by his elimination of Welfare. Quite honestly, it is difficult to find anything that made Clinton any different from Gingrich, Bush, Sr or Reagan except that Clinton was simply a politically correct politician. He was not a reactionary demagogue but his policies certainly were.
The defeat of the Republican Party in the 2006 midterm elections and the election of Barack Obama was taken as a sign from fascists that their political hegemony was over. The election of a Black man sent fear and loathing throughout the heartland of white Middle America. It was a nightmare scenario for the extreme right. A Black president teaming up with Zionists seemed to manifest all the right wing conspiracy theories. It was not only that a Black man was elected President but a man who was the result of a union between a Black man and a white woman triggered the centuries old anxieties of white supremacists within the US.
Since Obama's election, a record number of guns have been purchased in the US. Gun shops are reporting severe shortages of ammunition with some shops reporting backlogs of up to 6 months. The people buying guns are mostly rural white right wing fascists who fear that Obama is going to outlaw all firearms but who also fear that Blacks and Latinos from the cities will now decide to go on a rampage to kill all white men and to rape their wives and daughters. The reasoning is that now there is a bi-racial Black man in the White House, Blacks will now take liberties against whites out of vengeance.
Fox News and AM radio shows are only adding to the hysteria. Not a day passes on these networks without racist innuendos about the President. Murdoch's daily newspapers print sentiments of white supremacy and stoke the fears of the fascists. The right wing "independent" media outlet Infowars owned and run by Alex Jones compares Obama to Hitler.
Moreover, the political instability in Mexico is sending streams of refugees into the border States. Whites and even a substantial section of Blacks feel that they are being invaded. The issue of "illegal" immigration is being used by the reactionaries in the US in the same way it is being used in countries like Austria. Moreover, there is the reality that within 50 years, the US will no longer be a majority white country.
All of this takes place in spite of Obama being a right wing politician. He has bent over backwards to accommodate the Christian far-right. He has spoken of the need to reduce abortions in the country. He has insisted on being race neutral meaning that he doesn't give a damn about Black Americans. (It must be noted that since occupying the White House Obama has refused to meet any Black leaders of various Civil Rights groups or Black community organisations.)
However, the fascists are never satisfied and are now keen to wage a campaign of terror.

The economic collapse of capitalism must also be addressed. The world in experiencing the greatest crisis of capitalism since the 1930s. The crisis is most acute in the US and the UK where Friedman neo-liberalism originated from. Each month since 2007, no less than 100,000 people have been rendered homeless. That means that every year more than one million people are made homeless. It's not only the poor and working class who are suffering but many former middle managers who made more than $60,000 are now finding themselves impoverished as they are forced to move out of their middle class areas into the slums and ghettos of American cities. Outside all the metropolitan areas of the country, tent cities of the homeless masses have sprouted. American cities more and more resemble Brazilian and Indian cities rather than First World cities. The city of Detroit and other cities in the state of Michigan are ghost towns. The state of California is on the edge of bankruptcy. No less than 10 million residents of California stand on the precipice of destitution.
Neither the Obama administration nor any of the State, county and municipal politicians offer any solutions except to launch the worst offensive against the working class, poor and middle class ever seen in the history of the US. Fully expecting social disorder, the US government has placed the Army on high alert to be deployed against the population. The media is preparing the population for declaration of Martial Law. It is now on the public record that in addition to the concentration camps built over the past decade to hold up to 15 million people, more concentration camps are being prepared.
It's in this context the recent fascist rampages are occurring. Things will only get worse. It is my prediction that the US will find itself in a civil war within 5 years. The US is on the verge of collapse a la the USSR. The Federal Reserve Bank is bankrupt. The largest state in the Union is bankrupt. The US is over-stretched in two un-winnable colonial wars. In essence, it is over for the United States of America.
There are many perils which will confront American society. The Civil War has already begun in Oakland, California. It has now spread to San Francisco with the Black community against the police, the city governments and the State Attorney General Jerry Brown. The suspension of all civil liberties will come in force. More and more uneducated whites will be drawn to the fascist cause. There will be an increase in racial attacks against Latinos as fascist demagogues blame the economic woes upon "illegal" Latinos. In this environment, a racial civil war will erupt. Those with political consciousness will take their anger out against Wall Street and the bankers. There will be rampages and looting of the ruling class districts of Scarsdale, Greenwich, Bryn Mar, Beverly Hills just to name a few places.
Self defense will be the only recourse left to the individual in the coming war of Alle Gegen Alle.
This is not conjecture nor is it hyperbole. This is not simply a personal opinion out of thin air. This has also been confirmed by many other analysts and scholars with much more expertise than I have.
It would be nice if the masses were organised and had the political consciousness but unfortunately it is too late for the US. It's too late to oraganise a Socialist revolution. There is no real independent media owned by and for the masses. The Pacifica Radio network is in the process of a civil war, where genuine radical journalists for Blacks and other oppressed groups are being purged throughout its network. It is a sad reality that within the "progressive" movement, a race war is well underway between Black and Latino progressives against white so-called progressives. Anarchism will never work for practical reasons but mostly because most Anarchists are latent white supremacists themselves but who will never acknowledge it.
The trade unions have long ago given up the defense of the wages and protections of the working class. The trade unions themselves have emulated corporations. American workers have no organised representation or self organisation. Even should workers suddenly and miraculously become politically aware, it is too late. Decades of poor education, media misinformation along with the Anglo-Saxon anti-social structure which promotes the notion that classmates and co-workers are competitors and that neighbours are to be viewed with suspicion and hostility has, in effect, created a nation without society.
The United States is on its way to the dustbin of history. It will be a painful bloodbath which will cost tens of millions of lives within the US and will have far reaching repercussions across the globe.
There is only one way that the ruling class can save their position. That is through a fascist dictatorship where tens of millions of Americans will have to be imprisoned and eliminated. There is a catch to this solution. It will include a nuclear war.
The best hope for the world is the collapse and break up of the United States through civil war and economic bankruptcy. Once the Federal government goes bankrupt, then it will no longer be able to finance its wars of imperialism and colonialism.
The storm has arrived as I predicted. The fascist rampages are just the start. It is not confined just to North America. Europe is also facing imminent doom. That will be the subject of my next piece.
-Belgrade, Serbia

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