Thursday, June 11, 2009

A Gruesome Defeat

The family of slain Dr. George Tiller have announced that they will not re-open his women's health clinic in Witchita, Kansas. This signals a devastating defeat for women as well as reproductive and sexual freedom in North America. It's clear that the heinous act of terrorism which resulted in the cold blooded murder of Dr. Tiller has forced his survivors not to re-open the clinic.

The alleged killer Scott Roeder and the fascist forces of Operation Rescue as well as the Republican Party are celebrating. Meanwhile, the Obama administration and the Democrats are on the defensive and have not made any statements or legal actions to counter the latest fascist offensive. The most recent Department of Homeland Security report (which was actually the first and only factual report released by that carbon copy of Nazi Germany's Heimatwehr) pointed to the danger of anti-abortion extremist violence. After the howls of Fox News, Alex Jones and the other forces of reaction in the US, DHS Secretary Janet Napolitano withdrew the report from the website.
The cowardice of Obama and the Democrats is not only sickening but is also a harbinger of a dark and dangerous future for the country and the planet. The murder of Dr. Tiller and the subsequent closing of his clinic will only embolden the fascist forces. No women's reproductive health clinic is now safe in any state or city within North America. From the US to Canada, the message is clear: Any woman that seeks an abortion is now a target for murder. Any doctor and support staff that provides reproductive health services for women is also a traget for intimidation and violence.
With a cowardly right wing government in the US and a reactionary government in Canada, it's clear that women and their supporters will not receive any protection from the State.
This is nothing less than a gruesome defeat for women and progressive people in North America. At the same time, it is a loud wake up call. The time is now for Revolution. The time is now for war. This is a clear call for action. The fascist forces are energized and will only continue their campaign of violence. Today it is women and doctors. Tomorrow it will be gays and lesbians. Then it will be visible minorities.
It is not coincidence that police brutality against Black people in the US and Canada is at an all-time high. The New Year's murder of Oscar Grant on the BART in Oakland was a clear message from the police: Regardless of the fact of a Black family in the White House, Black people cannot expect any improvement of their treatment at the hands of the police. The police have been given the green light to murder Black people in cold blood. The fascists have been given the go ahead to murder abortion doctors in pre-meditated murder. The only answer to these provocations is self defense.
The time is long past for useless demonstations in support of women's lives. It's too late for anti-police brutality rallies. It is time for Revolution! It is now time to take to the streets and take on the fascists head on. It is time to engage in hand to hand combat with the forces of reaction.
I call for a continental wide offensive against the headquarters and offices of Operation Rescue. They want to attack women and their doctors, blockade abortion clinics and to destroy the property of women's health clinics. Fine. What's good for the goose is good for the gander. It is time that we counter attack. It is time that we vandalise the offices of Operation Rescue. It's time that we blockade their offices. It's time that we list the names and address of all those who work for Operation Rescue. It is time that we physically confront anti-abortion protests. It's war! The fascists and forces of reaction have declared and started it. It's time for us to rise and stand up for our freedoms and rights in defense. We cannot rely on the courts or the State to enforce the law. We must act now! It's now or never. The future is now!
Belgrade, Serbia

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