Sunday, September 13, 2009

Barack Obama: The Empire Strikes Black

Boy am I happy that I listened to my intuition and did not vote for Barack Obama! I did not vote due to the arcane and anti-democratic not to mention expensive procedures to vote absentee. I would have had to pay nearly 50 Euros on express mail to register to vote and to cast my vote. With that said, Obama has turned out to be one of the most reactionary Presidents in the past 80 years! He is actually more reactionary than George W. Bush. Here is the short laundry list of Obama's treachery.

1)Unprecedented assault on the working class through the forced bankruptcy of GM and Chrysler. Auto workers have not only lost their jobs and health care but those left have been forced to swallow between a 25-50% pay cut. Auto worker retirees and their dependants will lose their health insurance and will also take a vicious cut in their pensions. This in turn has led to the destruction of the city of Detroit. Detroit is only a city in name. More than half of the physical structure of Detroit no longer exists. What was once the country's 5th largest city is turning into the world's largest ghost town.
2)The assault on Medicare and Medicaid along with the fraudulent Health care Deform is going to see all but the very rich be unable to afford health insurance. Universal health care is dead and buried. Instead ordinary people will be forced to buy health insurance in the same way car owners are required to buy auto insurance. Failure to purchase health insurance will cost $3,500 in fines per year. Health care will be rationed. The profits to the insurance companies and pharmaceutical corporations will treble at the very least. More than 1/3 of all Americans will not have any health care worth a damn.
3)Obama is just another Wall Street puppet. It's official. The United States of America is a fascist country. Wall Street now owns the national treasury. Wall Street has already bankrupted the United States. The Federal Reserve Bank is insolvent. Obama has turned over $30 trillion to Wall Street while he lets states and cities die.
4)As he promised during the election campaign last year, the war in Afghanistan has escalated and spilled over into Pakistan. In Pakistan alone, there have been more than 2 million people made into refugees. Each day scores of civilians are killed by drone attacks. Afghanistan is going to become Obama's war.
Then there's the coup d'etat in Honduras which is not getting any attention in the media. This shows not only the hypocritical double-standards vis-a-vis Iran but also the political and moral bankruptcy of the American "Left". Anyone who has a superficial knowledge of Central American history over the past 50 years knows Washington gave the green light to the coup. The coup in Honduras has ushered in the process of genocide. The coup regime has began its program to exterminate all Blacks in the country who predominately reside on the Caribbean coast of the country.
Obama is directly committing genocide against Afghans and Pushtens and indirectly causing genocide in Central America.
5)Obama is an anti-Black racist President. Since taking office, he has refused to meet with any Black civil organisations. His speeches in both Africa and at the NAACP convention contained nothing other than the White Man's Burden recycled. Had any European leader given the same speech in Africa as Obama did, their physical safety could not be guaranteed. If a white politician gave the same address to the NAACP, they would have been booed off the stage.
Obama is just a Black mask for white supremacy and imperialism. I understand why Jesse Jackson said he wanted to "cut...the balls off" from Obama.
Obama's elevation to the White House is a propaganda exercise but reactionary in the extreme.
Let me be clear: Obama was selected precisely because he isn't the descendant of slaves. As soon as the United States of America exists in the same political and economic structure as it was founded as a Republic, no Black descendant of slaves in the Western Hemisphere will ever be selected to become President.
Another dangerous propaganda about the elevation to Obama is that it reinforces to the world that the Black descendants of slaves who have been in North America since the 16th Century will still be viewed as "immigrants" or not really being legitimate citizens of the United States.
Blacks are facing a racial holocaust in the United States. The statistics from New York City alone reveal much. 40% of Black New Yorkers have been rendered homeless since 2007. In real numbers, there are 650,000 homeless Blacks in New York. The Black Middle Class will cease to exist in the United States by the year 2012.In New York most of the housing foreclosures are occurring in all the stable middle class districts of New York City and the Tri-State area. What we are witnessing in New York is the massive ethnic cleansing of Blacks. The following link is a map from the New York Times from last winter.
If you look at where all the foreclosures are taking place, they are all in middle class Black areas of the city and tri-state area. The genocide started in Harlem but is now spreading to each Black district of New York. By 2012, the only Blacks living in New York will be those who are millionaires.
The level of police violence and murders in the United States has risen sharply since the New Year. The worst city is New Orleans which will also by the year 2012 be ethnically cleansed of all Blacks. The pattern is happening in Atlanta as well.
Obama is not only silent but his policies are contributing to it.

I could continue ad-infinitum about the treachery of Obama from his anti-abortion politics to the continuation of torture and illegal spying against American citizens. Not to mention his bowing and scrapping before the reactionary fascist right.
However, Obama has succeeded where George W. Bush could have never: Obama has single-handily destroyed the anti-war movement in the United States. This reveals more about the reactionary nature of the American Left than it does about Obama. White liberals and so-called radicals have made their peace with American imperialism and racism. As long as it's not Bush or Cheney, Obama can kill hundreds of millions in Central and South Asia. As long as there is a Black family in the White House, racial equality has been achieved and hence no need to continue the struggle against anti-racism. It was revealing how the white Left immediately scapegoated Blacks for the success of Proposition 8 which outlawed same-sex marriage in California. Middle class white gays and lesbians are calling themselves the "New Blacks" and are engaging in the most shameless race baiting and stereotyping. As I learnt 15 years ago, white so-called "Progressives" play political games. White feminists play the game called "We will trade your sexism for our racism." White gays and lesbians play a game called: "We will trade our racism for your homophobia."
This is the political reality of Barack Obama's America.
Obama is destined for failure. He will be lucky if he is not a one term President. By the time of the 2012 election, the country will be ready for Sara Palin, Newt Gingrich or some other Nazi demagogue. The country will be in ruins. Blacks will return to the status they had 100 years ago while the majority of Americans find themselves living worse than in the favallas of South America. The United States is fucked with a capital F.
-Belgrade, Serbia

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