Sunday, March 14, 2010

EU: End Station. Bitte Alle Aussteigen

Ever get the feeling you’ve been scammed? For more and more Europeans, the answer is yes. From Ireland to Greece, citizens have been rudely woken up from a deep slumber of pleasant dreams of wealth only to find themselves not only trapped in a spider’s web but all paralysed from the spider’s venom and wrapped tight in the silk only to have their blood and vital life fluids sucked slowly out of them.

This is the dread scene of Europe in the year 2010. The economy is bankrupt. The currency is worthless. Democracy is non-existent. This is hard to explain to the Germans who think that because there are multi-party elections means that democracy still functions. In reality, the threat of dictatorship is very real. Italy is 90% fascist dictatorship. In the UK, the established newspapers are openly calling for and advocating dictatorship.

War is a real possibility once again in Europe. Iceland is waging a brave and valiant economic war against the UK and The Netherlands in a fight for its sovereignty and life. When the Icelandic President refused to sign the debt repayment scheme and instead put it to a referendum before the people, British politicians and newspaper columnists openly threatened to send naval warships to Iceland.

In the current Greek crisis, German politicians are openly demanding that Greece cede a handful of its islands to German members of the European Commission. Germany and France have agreed to support the military dictatorship in Greece should the current government fail to quell the protests and impose savage austerity measures which will impoverish the people of Greece. When it comes to the Greek crisis, the entire capitalist establishment through its media has made it clear that the Greeks must submit to debt slavery or they must die.

Greece: Between Dictatorship and Revolution

People should really pay attention to the crisis in Greece. Everything is at stake in Greece. Greece is the canary in the mineshaft on many levels. First, the survival of the Euro as a currency is at stake. It is expected that Greece will default on its debt and that the Euro currency will collapse between summer and the end of this year. Second, the credibility of the European Union as a community of democratic states is at stake. If one member state becomes a dictatorship what happens? Does the EU expel that nation? Does the EU make a military intervention? Or does it become a domino effect which in effects turns the entire EU into dictatorship.

Finally the question of individual member state sovereignty becomes paramount. The Lisbon Treaty enters. The Lisbon Treaty allows for the unelected and unaccountable bureaucrats from the EC in Brussels to assume emergency powers and directly take over the finances and financial powers of member states. Furthermore, the Lisbon Treaty allows member states to use the military to intervene domestically in the event of social unrest.

Greece is the test case. Everything is exposed. With Greece, it has been exposed that the European Union and currency was a criminal enterprise from A to Z. With Greece, the last and ultimate stage of capitalism, neo-liberalism, is a compromised and parasitic vampire system which offers nothing but death and destruction. Capitalism must be destroyed or it will destroy all of us.

If Greece cedes only one of its islands to Germany or the EC, that will set a dangerous precedent. What is to stop Austria from trying to reconstruct its old empire? Austrian banks are losing billions in unpaid debt in countries such as Hungary and Croatia. What happens if Hungary defaults as it is increasingly likely? Can Austria demand territory in lieu of payment?

Greece has only two choices: dictatorship or revolution. There is no other option on the table. The future of Europe will be determined there. Greece today is the barometer of the coming global war just as Spain was in the 1930s just before the start of the Second World War.

EU Expiry Date: 2013

It’s over for the EU. It should have never come about in the first place. The EU was nothing but a pornographic fantasy conceived by the most sadistic minds in the world. It was sold and packaged to a sceptical European public as manna from heaven. It was to usher in a golden era of undreamed of prosperity and peace. In reality, it was the largest theft of money and resources in history. It was the largest reorganisation of class structures since the Napoleonic wars. In terms of transfer of wealth from the majority to a tiny elite, it eclipsed the United States.

Every EU country is on the brink of bankruptcy. Germany is in dire straits. Over 80% of German cities are bankrupt. The national infrastructure is coming apart by the seams. Deutsches Bahn, the national railway agency has severely cut back on rail service. The disillusionment of the Euro is so great, that more and more Germans are refusing to accept Euro coins and notes not printed in Germany. The number of editorials and non-cabinet politicians are calling for Germany to pull out of the Euro before it’s too late.

Tensions are running high between member states. Most alarming are the tensions between Germany and the UK. If the British Conservatives win the next general election as it currently seems likely (though in recent polls Tory leader Cameron has only a 2 point lead over Prime Minister Brown), the UK will adopt a belligerent tone and policy towards Germany and the EU. The Tories are not only opposed to the Lisbon Treaty but against the EU itself. It will be extremely difficult for Cameron to reign in his cabinet and MPs who want a unilateral withdrawal from the EU.

Last week, France and Russia signed a strategic and economic deal. This has antagonised Germany. French President Sarkozy wants to colonise the Mediterranean Sea which has created tension with Germany, Italy and Turkey.

Ireland has been reduced to a state worse off than when it was a British colony. It’s a matter a months before it goes belly-up. Spain, Portugal, Italy are all waiting to die economically. It is only a matter of time that France and Germany collapse as well. Europe has entered a stage of social and political upheaval. War and dictatorship lurk close behind.

The game is over for the European Union. The Central Banks and politicians will use accounting tricks to delay the ultimate collapse. The mainstream media will continue to lie and conceal the truth as they become more vicious and hysterical propping up a system which dissolves into dust right before our eyes in their hands.

If the EU and the Euro currency last until 2013 would be the greatest miracle since Jesus resurrected from the dead.

- Belgrade, Serbia

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