Sunday, March 14, 2010

Who Will Survive?

I spent 4 months travelling extensively through Western Europe after spending nine months in Serbia. What I saw in Western Europe was a society in severe decline. I found people living in denial and delusion. I observed superficiality. Indeed, I came to the conclusion that Western society is artificial. There is little authenticity left in the West.

When I was in Cologne, I met only one human being as everyone else were robots devoid of a human soul. He came from Yugoslavia. When I shared my observations about the West with him he said to me: "Der Kosmonaut mein Freund, du warst zu lang in Serbien." He was correct. For all the problems and hardships in Serbia, it remains 100% authentic. There is nothing artificial or fake about Serbia or Serb people.
Perhaps, the most debilitating development I saw upon my return to the West, was in Vienna. There, the Slam Poetry scene has succumbed to neo-liberal consumerism. The Literaturhaus slam poetry is sponsored by The Gap. Rather than money, the winner of the Slam receives a 75 Euro Gift Certificate from The Gap. What a wretched state of affairs when poetry has sold out to consumerism. Perhaps the saddest was that no one understood my objection of Slam Poetry being sponsored by The Gap.
In Germany, I observed how no one was prepared for the coming upheavals. No one was prepared for the coming economic collapse. No one even considered the possibility of war despite it staring society in the face.
Westerners have been lulled into complacency. I have serious doubts if most of them will survive.
I wonder how I will survive. There is no place to run or hide. The entire planet has become or is in the process of becoming a concentration camp. It's obvious that there are only two solutions available to humanity: Global revolution against capitalism or Global War. There are no other options. There is no country where a political solution can be found within the existing framework. Whether one votes Conservative, Liberal, Green, Social Democrat or Communist it makes no difference. All the political parties in the West are all committed to neo-liberalism and to global slavery. All the parties are committed to militarism and endless imperialist war.
The solution of course is a new type of Socialist revolution based on new models and based on true democracy from below. There is an alternative. However, I'm afraid that the time is running out to build up a new movement. We have been set back and betrayed on various fronts.
Now is the time for what trends forecaster Gerald Celente calls Neo-Survivalism. We cannot afford to rely on leaders or those in authority to save us. We must as individuals set up our own networks of mutual assistance. The time is now. The new decade poses the question: Who will survive the economic and political collapse of the European Union, UK and the US? Who will survive the coming Global War? As Neil Tennant wrote back in 1985: "Think about seriously you know it makes sense."
-Belgrade, Serbia

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