Friday, November 26, 2010

Back To Life, Back To Reality

This is my first post on this blog in a long time. I have not stopped writing. To the contrary, I have written quite a bit over the course of this year. I was hired to be the chief correspondent for a website called The Age of Nepotism. Unlike this blog, I was actually paid to write. While it's nice for a writer to get paid, it comes at the price. The Age of Nepotism is not my site. While I was able to write many interesting articles and had the freedom to choose most of the topics, I had to refrain from expressing my politics. The owner of the other website is quintessential petit-bourgeois. He is a capitalist. I'm a socialist. With the most recent posts, he wanted me to attack the reactionary Republican Tea Party. While I was more than happy to do so, I balked at advocating voting for the Democrats. It's clear that the Democrats, especially under President OHbama, are just as reactionary and pursue the same policies as the Republicans. In fact, OH is even more right wing and reactionary as the previous Bush administration. I was able to criticise OH under the context of disproving why he is not a socialist. My future with that blog is uncertain considering that I was employed by the owner of the website to work for his in his rather unsuccessful business endeavours. Enough about that. I would like to turn my attention to more pressing and urgent matters.

Another year is almost over. On balance 2010 is the best year that I’ve had since 2004. The last decade was brutal. It was arguably the most brutal decade since the 30s. Even though the first half of the 1940’s were horrific, the second half improved. When I say that 2010 was better than the past 6 years, I speak mostly personally. 2010 is a historic year and a catastrophic year. This year will go down in history as the one in which the US lost it’s global dominance. It’s the year in which democracy has died all but in name. Of course, I saw this trend starting in 1994 and was quite obvious by 1997.
The destruction of Yugoslavia more than a decade ago signalled the end of Western Civilisation. The EU began its disintegration this year. It will break up definitely in 2011. It might break up in the next month but that’s too soon.
The US has descended into a full blown fascist state and it’s become obvious. It’s only the few delusional ones such my former friend in New York still refuse to see it. OHbama has turned out to be much more reactionary and destructive than Bush. I am glad that I didn’t give him my vote and that I prevented friend in Canada who has dual Canadian-American citizenship from voting for him as well. OH made it quite clear from his inaugural address that he was going to be a conservative president. I knew he would continue imperialism but I really didn’t expect him to be so reactionary in domestic politics. I often wondered how OH would be able to undue the police state apparatus. It turned out that he expanded it. Now that the far right Republicans have come back, the US has crossed the point of no return. The destruction of the Union is all but assured. Civil War is coming to the US. This is a point of which most people deny the most. In fact, Civil War is the best possible scenario in order to avoid Global War. One of them is inevitable. There are no other choices. Civil War in the US promises to kill tens of millions of people. This is better than Global War in which hundreds of millions, if not more, are certain to perish. The US will break up just as the Soviet Union. It will most likely break up into 8 regions:
1)The Northeast encompassing all of New England, the Mid-Atlantic States, DC and possibly northern Virginia.
2)The Southeast and Central South encompassing Appalachia, the Carolinas, Florida, Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana, Tennessee, Arkansas and Kentucky
3)Texas along with Oklahoma
4) Eastern and Central Midwest encompassing the Pit-Chi megalopolis, the Great Lakes, Minnesota
5)The Heartland encompassing most of the interior between the Mississippi River and the Rockies
7) The four corner states of Arizona, Utah, New Mexico and Colorado west of the Rockies
8)The Great Plains and the Pacific Northwest. This will most likely result in the White Nationalist Confederation
This will occur sooner than most people realise. The United States never really had an organic culture which united all the regions and cultures. The reactionary fundamentalist Christians of the Deep South have nothing in common with the more secular and liberal multi-religious character of the Northeast, Industrial Midwest and the West Coast. The East and West Coasts are two different countries with the Eastern metropolises of Boston, New York and Philadelphia more European in culture and values in contrast to the more colonialist and settler mentality of the West Coast. These disparate regions and cultures could be held together through popular culture and a stable national economy. As the individual states go bankrupt one by one and the federal government refuses or is unable to give financial aid to the bankrupt states, the impetus for Union disappears.
The break up of the EU will be much easier as many of the nations have had a long history of independent sovereignty. Indeed, as the smaller countries find themselves reduced to serfdom to the banks, there is more incentive for the countries to bail out of the EU. The mortal danger facing the EU is the coming disintegration of Belgium. As Brussels is in Flanders as well being the capital of the EU and the administrative seat of NATO the ramifications are profound. It’s very unlikely that an independent Flanders will want to have anything to do with either the EU or NATO. While problematic it’s not that serious. The seriousness is that both France and Germany have vast economic interests in Belgium, Flanders in particular. The entire post war Western European basis for peace and economic prosperity rested upon the integration of France, Germany and Belgium. Neither France nor Germany will sit back and allow billions of Euros invested be confiscated by nationalist Flemish. In the final analysis, it’s not the PIIGS which are the danger to crash the Euro and tear apart the EU but it’s the break up of Belgium which poses that greatest threat. This explains why the present disintegration of Belgium is out of the news altogether.
What cannot be in dispute is the end of the Atlantic powers era. After 500 years, the domination of the countries around the Atlantic is over once and for all. Power has shifted to the Pacific. At this point, the power has shifted economically. While the United States remains the most dominate military power in the world it is now one of the weakest economically. Within 30 years, the US went from the world’s largest creditor nation to the largest debtor nation. In contrast, China has become the world’s largest creditor nation.
Before one cheers this development, there are many hazards and implications for the West. There are some reports that China will overtake the US as the world’s largest economy within 2 years. Yet the current GDP of China is only $40,000. The vast masses of the Chinese are impoverished. A skilled worker makes less than $100 per month. If the world’s largest economy pays an average wage of less than $1000 per month, this has ominous implications for workers in North America and Europe. In order to compete with China, the West will be forced to suppress wages down to and below that of China. This is the cause of the impoverishment of the middle and working classes happening currently in the West. This is the source of current and coming social and political unrest taking place. Westerners, long accustomed to relatively high wages and benefits, are now being forced to take poverty wages. This leads to another ominous development.
China is not a democracy. It’s a one party authoritarian dictatorship. If the world’s largest economy is an undemocratic dictatorship, it logically leads to other countries abandoning democracy and moving towards dictatorship. Britain and the United States became the largest global economies with the rise of democratic capitalism. Milton Friedman had a point when he said that Capitalism Means Freedom. The overthrow of feudalism and the aristocracy in France along with the severe curbing of the monarchy in England by the ascendant capitalist class set the foundation of Liberal Democracy. The United States at the peak of its economic power was arguably the most democratic country in the world. It’s not a coincidence that the economic decline of the US over the past 30 years went hand in hand with the erosion of democracy with its attendant human and civil rights. The rise of China as the global economic Superpower spells the death knell for democracy in the West.
Events are moving quickly. There are many surprises and upsets still to come.
Pay attention! Attention pays!

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