Monday, November 29, 2010

Cracking Under Pressure

The West is in dire straits. The EU is imploding. The US is disintegrating. Canada is facing an inflation rate of 10%. Western Liberal Democracy is in tatters. Riots and demonstrations are commonplace on the streets of Europe. The far-right has risen and obtained political power and representation in most countries. Visible minorities are getting shot on the streets of Sweden. Germany has announced the failure of multiculturalism. The authoritarian police state apparatus has been or is on standby to be implemented.
There is a global currency war raging currently as each country tries to devalue their currencies to boost trade. Countries that are formally allies and "friends" are bickering and sniping at one another. The international order set up after the Second World War has unravelled. Even the Maastricht and Lisbon Treaties are dead letters. The UN is a dinosaur fast on the way to extinction.

Social misery and destitution is coming to hit the masses. This will lead to mental and social breakdowns as the social safety net is shredded. Paranoia has gripped many Americans. Christian fundamentalists are preparing for the rapture or believing that OHbama is the anti-Christ as told in the Bible. Others believe that the Mayan prophesy of 2012 spells the end of the world. They believe that Planet X has swung around back into the solar system and the culprit for climate change. Conspiracies abound.
The mainstream media becomes more risible each passing day. The BBC website is openly disseminating propaganda to obscure reality and filling pages with celebrity fluff. The odor of desperation is obvious. People attend protest demonstrations only to come home to see that the TV news has reported a fiction which hasn't occurred.
If the West were a human individual it would be diagnosed as being in the process of a nervous breakdown. With the collapse of the infrastructure of Western cities and countries, one could even describe it as a person having multiple organ failures at the same time as having a nervous breakdown. To be frankly graphic, the West is like a mental inmate within a padded room in an intensive care unit. What makes the situation most gruesome is that the people providing the treatment are imposters claiming to be doctors that haven't attended one medical or psychology course.
Meanwhile Asia and Latin America are healthy people exercising daily, leading productive lives with a firm grasp on reality. The contrasts could not be more obvious. Yes indeed, the West is cracking under pressure.

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