Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Democracy RIP

There is nothing else that needs to be said. Anyone that believes that Democracy remains and that Western society is far from dictatorship is either delusional or in denial. The signs have been there over the past 15 years. Yet people continue to go about their lives as if nothing has happened. Even though events have presented themselves in broad daylight, people continue to live in delusion and denial. Let's look at the facts.

In Spain, air traffic controllers have been placed under military police arrest. Last Friday, 80% of air traffic controllers called in sick en masse to protest the government's new decree that they work longer hours and greatly reduced pay. In response, the Spanish government issued an emergency decree deploying the military police to round up all air traffic controllers and ship them in buses to airports. At air traffic control towers, military police are forcing them to work under gunpoint. Anyone that disobeys will be subject to 10 years imprisonment. Air traffic controllers are not allowed to go home. They are forced to stay at hotels under police guard. The emergency decree is in place for another 15 days. The government might extend the emergency decree indefinitely.

In Britain, the government has not only increased university tuition to 25,000 Pounds. In addition, the government has cancelled all forms of financial aid. University will only be accessible to the rich. When students protested in anger and trashed Conservative Party headquarters, the government along with the mainstream media launched a witch-hunt against all student protesters. Following protests were met with brutal police violence as well as "kettling" procedures against school children as young as 14. They were surrounded by police for more than 6 hours in the freezing weather denying access to food, water and toilets. Moreover, students were forced to give their information, DNA and be photographed by the police upon being "released".

Ireland is no longer a sovereign republic. Ireland has been bought and paid for by British, European and American banks. The misnamed "bailout" is actually forcing every man, woman and child in Ireland to pay 45,000 Euros each to pay for the bad gambles of the international bankers. The EU and IMF have taken over control of Ireland's budget.

In the US, the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) has introduced x-ray body scanners at American airports which are nothing less than virtual strip search machines. Should one exercise their constitutional right to opt out, is then subjected to being sexually assaulted having their genitals touched. Toddlers as young as 3 have been subjected to these "enhanced patdowns". Elderly women and the disabled have not been spared from sexual assault. The TSA has announced that body scanners will be implemented at bus and rail stations, subways and sports stadiums and arenas.

Speaking about sexual assault, Julian Assange has been arrested today in London on trumped up sexual assault charges from Sweden. Assange is the founder of Wikileaks which has published information regarding US and NATO war crimes in Afghanistan and Iraq. The latest leak of US diplomatic cables has shredded the credibility of the US government. US and Canadian officials along with the media have openly called for the assassination of Assange.Assange will most likely be extradited to the United States to face espionage and probably terrorist charges. If the international community and private citizens fail to defend Assange, then all of us are open to persecuted.

I leave the last word to Dr. Paul Craig Roberts. He is hardly a fringe figure. He was the Assistant Treasury Secretary under Ronald Reagan. Roberts is known as the father of "Reaganomics" or the American form of Neo-liberalism. This year, Roberts has repented. He has accepted that he has not only destroyed the American economy and society but he dug the grave of Western democracy.

"The obliteration of habeas corpus, the most necessary and important protection of liberty ever institutionalized in law and governing constitution, has become necessary for the US government, because a jury might acquit an alleged or mock "terrorist" or framed person whom the US government has declared prior to the trial will be held forever in indefinite detention even if acquitted in a US court of law. The attorney general of the United States has declared that any "terrorist" that he puts on trial who is acquitted by a jury will remain in detention regardless of the verdict. Such an event would reveal the total lawlessness of American "justice."
The United States of America, "the city upon the hill," "the light unto the world," has become Nazi Germany. It was the practice of the Gestapo to ignore court verdicts and to execute or hold indefinitely the cleared defendant in the camps. The Obama regime is in the process of completing Dick Cheney's dream by legislating the legality of indefinite detention. American law has collapsed to the dungeons of the Dark Ages.

This Nazi Gestapo policy is now the declared policy of the US Department of Justice (sic).

Anyone who thinks the United States is a free society where people have liberty, "freedom and democracy" is uninformed."

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