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Free Julian Assange! Defend Wikileaks!

It is with great reluctance (not mention a bit of shame)to write that the planet has reached a crucial crossroad. As pointed out in the previous entry, Democracy in the West has died. Western society has crossed the threshold and there is no turning back. Before our very eyes the brutal and vicious character of Western society has been exposed naked before our very eyes. The ruling elites of the Western countries are throwing away the pretences and formalities of Liberal Democracy as their agenda to turn more than 85% of the planet's population into serfs and slaves are the antithesis of democratic norms.
Since last Spring, Wikileaks have released explosive military and diplomatic files of the United States government. The video footage from an American Apache(sic) helicopter showing the indiscriminate killing of civilians (including two Reuters journalists) in Iraq exposed the brutality of the Iraq dirty colonial war to the world. The most recent release of diplomatic cables have shown just how venal and degraded American imperlialism has become.

Julian Assange, the founder and editor-in-chief of Wikileaks has been under political persecution since the release of the Iraq files. Earlier in the year, Assange's passport was temporaraliy confiscated by Australian authorities when he landed in his home country. Since then, Assange has been living a life similiar to that of a fugitive who has never been charged with any crime. Last August he applied for residency in Sweden which was ultimately denied to him. Then came the accusations of sexual misconduct which were so ridiculous that the State Prosecutor initially rejected. However, it was after the release of the State Department cables that a right wing politician ordered the arrest warrant for Assange.
Women's rights and anti-rape activists have come to Assange's defence insofar that they are aware of the obvious abscence of due process. Although Assange turned himself in to the British police, he has been held in solitary confinement in a London jail pending a hearing tomorrow regarding possible extradition to Sweden.
News has been revealed that the US government has already indicted Assange on espionoage charges and is meeting with Swedish authorities to arrange and extradition to the US.
This is a political witch-hunt and the people of the world must stand up and fight for Assange and Wikileaks. Wikileaks has had their website removed from several servers in Europe and have had electronic donations cancelled by Paypal, Visa and MasterCard. Amazon removed Wikileaks from its servers after a call by the reactionary US Senator Joe Liebermann.
Leading American political figures both from the Republican and Democrat parties have called for Assange's arrest, assasination, kidnapping and torture. The chief advisor for the far-right wing Canadian Prime Minister has called for Assange to be assasinated. These appeals have been made openly on live television before international audiences.
If there isn't any proof of the death of democracy and due process in North America, then I can't help you.

The Lynching Of Assange By "Freedom" and "Progressive Activists"
One doesn't know what is more surreal and horrific: The calling for Assange's murder and torture by the reactionary right or the denunciations of Assange as being a CIA or Mossad spy, dupe, agent, patsy. The fact that so many people who claim to fight the tyranny of the corporations and see the danger of totalitarian dictatorship are piling up on Assange reveals how disoriented, confused and not in the least, paranoid that the "left" has become. From right wingers Alex Jones to leftist anti-fascist columnist William Engdahl, there have been charges that Assange is a long time operative of the CIA and Mossad. How Wikileaks is part of a psyops operation. That Assange and Wikileaks are part of "false flag" State operation in order to shut down the Internet or to restrict and censor it. There are wild accusations about Assange and Wikileaks having ties to the Rothschild's, The Bilderberger group, the Council on Foreign Affairs and other secret illuminati New World Order secret societies.
The more serious critics such as investigative journalist Webster Tarpley, William Engdahl and Robert Fisk have arrogantly belittled the US State Department cables as "things we didn't know already." Not only is this arrogantly presumptuous but patently false. Let's examine what has been revealed that "we all knew before."

1)Thanks to the leak of the US diplomatic cables, Australians have woken up to discover that they do not live in a sovereign country. While Aussies are aware that they are part of the British Commonwealth being a former British colony, they had always assumed that they were separate and independent from the United States. Now they have realised that Washington was behind the coup which ousted former Prime Minister Kevin Rudd. They are aware that current Prime Minister Julia Gilliard as well as factional leaders of the Labor Party that had orchestrated the coup had been meeting regularly with the US Ambassador to Austrlia on a regular basis to discuss the plot and receive the blessing of Washington. Other cables have revealed the animosity of the Obama administration to Kevin Rudd had been building up for a year leading up to his ouster. Rudd was becoming increasingly cynical of America's war in Afghanistan and wanted to withdraw Australia out of that quagmire as quickly as possible.
That wasn't the end of Washington's anger with Rudd. What really seemed to make Washington irate was Rudd's attempt to balance the growing power and influence of China with America's imperialist hegemony in the Asia-Pacific. Rudd was clearly aware of the dangers of a future war between two nuclear armed powers. Australia's economy is very dependent upon trade with China on one hand and Australia's long standing military alliance with the US on the other hand. Coupled with Rudd's impatience with the Afghan war of butchery and his real-politik of China's growing influence, it was decided that Rudd had to go.
The leak cables reveal that Washington not only determines Australia's foreign policy but practically dictates Australia's domestic politics as well. Contrary to what Tarpley, Engdhal, et al say this was an eye opening revelation to Australians and certainly not "something we all knew already."

2.The leaked cables also provide a chilling cable signed by Secretary of State Hillary Clinton directing American diplomatic staff to obtain the DNA, biometrics, credit card, banking and other personal data from UN diplomats from other countries. Yes it's been well known since the height of the Cold War that diplomats spy on another. However, I don't think that anyone in their wildest imagination thought that the US would go so far as to steal the DNA of other diplomats. It's one thing to tap their phones and to get access to their files but quite another to set up a biometric file on them. Once again, I'm sure that "this wasn't something already known" to the UN diplomatic corps of other nations.

I could go on including revelations that Royal Dutch Shell is the de-facto ruler of Nigeria and the US role in the military coup d'etat in Honduras in 2009. The point is that all these critics are plain wrong that the cables were nothing less than diplomatic gossip, chit chat and idle prattle. They have revealed in the words of the US government the war crimes, the subjugation and the violence of the US State.
These critics are quite presumptuous to say that these revelations aren't new. That's true insofar as that independent and alternative journalists and their readers were aware of some of these things. However, it is a very arrogant and elitist view to hold. Most people do not read the alternative media. Most people haven't heard of Webster Tarpley, William Engdahl or Rick Rozoff. Most Westerners get their news from the mainstream newspapers and their national news broadcasters. Tarpley made an extremely arrogant claim equating the diplomatic cable leaks with the Pentagon Papers nearly 40 years ago: "The Pentagon Papers didn't reveal what was already known. If anyone had read Le Monde Diplomatic or the French press, they would have known about the information already!" What arrogance! First off, how many Americans can read or speak French? Forget about Americans, how many non-francophones in the world can read French? Getting back to the Americans, even supposing those that can read French, how many of them have access to French newspapers. Outside of a few select newspaper and magazine shops in the major metropolitan centres and the central public libraries in those same cities, how is one able to come across Le Monde Diplomatic in the United States of America in the 1960s and 70s?! Sure Le Monde Diplomatic publishes an English edition but yet again, where in the US is one expected to read it?
Returning to the present day, the truth of the matter is that most of the Western populace is intentionally kept in the dark and left ignorant of vital global issued because of censorship of the mainstream media and the degeneration of journalism in general. If journalists had performed their proper job as they used to rather than being court stenographers of the official government line or even worse, knowingly peddling propaganda and lies as the New York Times does, there would not have even been the need for Wikileaks. Julian Assange has released more information about the true state of the world in 9 months than the entire Western media outlets over the past 30 years. The people that are calling Assange a dupe are themselves being dupes of the very governments and system they claim to oppose. Their vicious character assassination of Assange in turn makes me question them. Are they not themselves, agents of disinformation as they accuse Assange of being?
As for the accusations that Assange will be used as the pretext to shut down or censor the Internet, that is nothing less that sheer nonsense. For the past 4 years, there have been calls for the internet to be restricted and monitored. With or without Assange or Wikileaks, the various governments will find a reason to close down websites and to eventually censor the internet. The only connection to Wikileaks and the future censorship of the Internet is that more and more the ruling elites understand that their lies and propaganda can no longer be controlled through the safe channels of the establishment media. The explosive growth of blogs and alternative media as well as the availability of online video media has given millions of people access to the truth that has been covered up my governments and trans-national corporations. Wikileaks is part of this phenomena but it isn't alone.
Jullian Assange must be released. His crime is only for revealing the truth of American imperialism and the collusion of America's vassal states. Wikileaks must be defended. If Wikileaks can be shut down, so too can this blog and hundreds of other websites which do not relay the propaganda line.
Free Julian Assange! Defend Wikileaks!

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