Thursday, December 16, 2010

Wal-Mart In East New York, Brooklyn

Yesterday WBAI radio news reported that Wal-Mart is trying to break into New York City by opening its first outlet in East New York, Brooklyn just as I predicted back in 1997 in "The Fall of New York":

"Just saw the most disturbing advert on television. It was a political ad by Guiliani. It had two Democrats endorsing the fascist. One was a Black City Councilwoman from East New York, the poorest district of the city. She’s endorsing Guiliani because he plans to develop her district. I can’t believe it! I wonder how much money she’s received?
Development? Sure, that means malls in the ghetto. The premise is that malls mean revenue and jobs. New housing developments which probably no one in East New York can afford. Middle class white yuppies will move into the area soon. Sounds like a nightmare. Upon closer examination reveals the following:
More consumerism for useless and unhealthy products. Minimum wage jobs for the few people in the area with good credit. The new workers will not earn enough to afford to live in the new middle class housing developments. Gentrification of the neighbourhood.
Negative integration: whites in, Blacks out. Where will Blacks go? If Guiliani and this Councilwoman have their way, it means upstate to prison."

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