Monday, January 24, 2011

Albania Revolution Update

3 anti-government protesters were shot dead by the police in Tirana on Friday. Tensions remain high as the EU has appealed for calm. Of course, there's absolutely nothing the EU can do. This produces more problems for Western imperialism as another NATO member state begins to politically disintegrate.
The origins of the upheavals date back to 2009 during the disputed national election campaign. However, unlike starting in Serbia in 2000 and then later in Georgia, Ukraine, Moldova and unsuccessfully in Iran and Belarus, this insurrection is organic. This not a State Department/NATO "colour revolution". As in Tunisia, the masses are fed up with the entrenched corruption of the ruling governing elite. What makes Albania even more unique is that the Socialist opposition is leading the revolt, unlike the Socialist and Social Democratic parties of other countries which have suppressed mass opposition. Still, one mustn't be too naive about the motivations of Edi Rama. He's probably no less corrupt than Prime Minister Sali Berisha. Most likely, Rama is a cynical opportunist using the masses as a cat's paw to pursue his own political ambitions and agenda. This is the latest news report courtesy of Euronews:

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