Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Apocalypse Scams, Parasites and Right Wing Radio

There's an online infomerical called End of America3 (not to be confused with the progressive documentary  The End of America based on the book by Naomi Wolf) presented by an investment adviser from Baltimore. He spells out quite cogently that it's game over for the US. He predicts the country will collapse in 2011. Basically, he went through all the facts which most informed people already know. Then comes the rub, first he promises to dedicate his services towards "saving your property and wealth" and he assures to help you "prosper and make money over the next 5 years."

This sums up perfectly the agenda of American right wing media figures such as Alex Jones, who endorses and promotes the video. Upper Middle Class whites realise that the gig is up in the US. Whenever I listen to Alex Jones' radio broadcasts, there are commercial breaks every 5 to 15 minutes. All the ads are geared towards Upper Middle Class whites living in Middle America (Midwest, South, Texas, etc.). Jones and this investment adviser from Baltimore are well aware that things are over, but they are simply attempting to save their own kind while profiteering off their listeners. This is a form of elitism. Only the Upper Middle Class whites with plenty of private property and assets, especially those residing primarily in suburban and rural areas, are the only ones to survive the coming apocalypse which the "Banking Globalists" are planning.
Most of the ads on Jones' broadcasts are from companies selling six months of storable food products. Of course, this excludes the nearly 100 million Americans who are either without cash and/or barely scrapping by. This also excludes urban apartment dwellers. How the hell can someone paying nearly $2K for a closet in NYC or Boston find enough room to store 6 months worth of food? Other right wing radio broadcasters denounce the 45 million Americans on Food Stamps. After all, it's the people's own fault for being poor in the first place. If they had only listened to Jones and other right wing radio hosts, they would have stored food and not be relying on "government handouts". It's interesting how Jones and these other right wing Christian populists and Tea Party propagandists never mention the tens of thousands sleeping in tent cities all across the country. Of course, the reason why people are on Food Stamps in the first place is due to falling so deep into debt that they had to make the gruesome choice between paying rent and mortgage or starving. If they were unable to even afford a week's of groceries in the first place, how could they afford to buy 6 months of food?
The investment adviser's video features testimonies from his clients. One client boasts how his portfolio went from $350K to $900K within 5 months. Another client noted how he just bought his yacht and is ready to sail away in safety from the coming collapse of the country. The best part of the video is when after 20 minutes of constantly referring to the "one investment" that's needed to survive the collapse, he never mentions what it actually is. He only states that it's the secret investment made by the richest families in the world. He indulges in gratuitous name-dropping mentioning the Ford family, Bill Gates, Rockefeller, etc. Of course, one must pay for a one year subscription to his newsletter in order to discover out what that secret "investment" is.
The American parasites still don't get it. They're well aware that Upper Middle Class people are afraid of the future due to their declining living standards, so these parasites still continue to fleece them by selling the idea that the Upper Middle Class individuals will be one of the lucky few to survive the coming apocalypse along with the elite. The parasites are still trying to cash in even while their system is in tatters.
It's game over. Sorry Charlie.

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