Saturday, January 29, 2011

Bernard White and The Right Wing Take Over of Progressive Radio In The US

Bernard White, former producer and program director of WBAI Pacifica radio in New York was sacked by the Pacifica network executives in 2009. Pacifica is five station network founded 50 years ago dedicated to anti-war and free speech. Pacifica played a key role during the Free Speech Movement at UC Berkeley during the 1960s as well as the anti-war and freedom movement for Black, Latino and American Indians.
As program director at WBAI, White oriented the station format focused on Black and Latino history, as well as their struggles past and present. This alienated and frightened the establishment, in particular liberals.
A civil war has taken place within the entire Pacifica network. Black and Latino Station and Program managers have been sacked at the New York and Washington, DC stations. In Berkeley, there was an incident of the police beating a Black woman on the station premises. In the following videos, Bernard White explains what's happening and provides extensive analysis and insight.

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