Tuesday, February 01, 2011

As Americans Are Desperate For Food JP Morgan Profits

There's no bottom to the decrepitude of decaying capitalism. 43 million Americans depend on Food Stamps, the US government program which provides funding to prevent mass starvation. Now comes the news that J.P. Morgan issues Electronic Food Benefits cards and collects a commission for each transaction made by the tens of millions of people dependent upon them. To add insult to injury, when recipients need to check the balance on their cards or have technical issues, they phone a call centre in India also owned by J.P. Morgan to receive assistance. It turns out that the USDA and 26 States plus Washington, D.C. have outsourced the provisioning of Food Stamps to J.P. Morgan.

Is there any further evidence needed to prove that the current economic depression was deliberately engineered? The major banks are making billions as the masses are shoved into destitution and starvation. Banks such as J.P. Morgan made billions peddling fraudulent mortgages. This caused the housing market crash. Now the banks are illegally foreclosing homes driving tens of thousands to homelessness. Real unemployment in the US is 22%. The under 10% "official unemployment" rate is a fiction. The Wall Street parasites feed off unemployment in order to drive down wages and increase the exploitation of workers still holding jobs.
Capitalism has got to go! Time to sharpen the guillotines people!

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