Monday, February 28, 2011

Growing Your Own Food

Let's face it folks. We are entering into an age of food scarcity. With food prices rising over 40% worldwide, there are hundreds of millions starving to death plus close to another billion that are "food insecure" as the burocrats and NGO's like to term it.
Oil prices are going to hit at least $150 per barrel by mid-summer. That will hike food prices as well. We may very well find two nightmare scenarios:
1)The trucks and trains stop running which transport grain and food to the supermarkets.
2)Hyperinflation where the shops will be stocked with food but will be too expensive to buy.
Cities are death traps. Between the coming Global War and food shortages, cities will become danger zones. The solution is to buy land and grow your own food.
Majory Wildcraft speaks about these trends and the need to grow your own food. In this radio broadcast, Wildcraft presents solutions how to avoid starvation during the coming upheavals.

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