Friday, February 18, 2011

International Travelers Advisory For The USA: Don't Go!

Editorial: This is from an article posted on entitled Why I stopped traveling to the US and I have largely stopped doing business in the US under the name "moderately_anonymous". I am in entire agreement with the assesment. I left the US for this very exact reason and why I try to avoid entering the country as much as possible. I don't even want to fly over the US. The hell of it is I'm a US citizen.

With every trip I've taken to the US over the past 30 years, things have gotten a little worse every time. Things are now so bad that I have stopped visiting the US and i no longer have any clients in the US. Mostly because having clients in the US means having to go there. And I've grown to really dislike going to the US.
I'm a photographer. I mainly do street photography now, but i still do the odd bit of contract work. I travel with expensive gear though not that much of it. I like to travel light. The INS do not like that. If I turn up with just my camera backpack and a small bag of clean underwear for a one week stay I usually have to spend a lot of time being interrogated for my lack of a huge suitcase. (I guess they suspect I live in the US illegally. Which borders on comical since nobody knows more about my travel patterns than the US government. Besides, my passport is usually filled with stamps that should tell them that I travel a lot and that even if I lived in the US, I spend most of my time flitting around the world)

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