Monday, February 28, 2011

Max Igan: The Peaceful Revolution

Australian Max Igan explains the current political and economic structure of the world. Igan acknowledges the scary darkness of the times we live. However, Igan believes that humanity will prevail. Igan believes that the biggest obstacle to human liberation is fear. It is through fear that we are divided from each other. Divisions based on race, religion and philosophy are artificial and petty considering what we as a species face.
Igan explains that a cartel of financial parasites are implementing a global dictatorship in order to enslave humanity. Indeed, we are moving rapidly towards a high tech Nazi global state. It is this agenda which humanity must unite against.
Igan is a pacifist. He believes in self defense but is certain that we can create a new society without violence. He is an advocate of revolution through the heart. Igan worries that a violent revolution will be nothing other than a temporary solution. Violence begets violence is his philosophy. A revolution produced through violence will create a violent new order sooner or later.

Igan may sound like a new age lovey dovey hippie but he hasn't any illusions about the brutal reality of the present world. He is intelligent, cogent and well informed. He doesn't peddle ideology or propaganda. He's remarkably cool and level headed.
Regardless whether one agrees with his position or not, Max Igan is an unique voice and provides an alternative perspective offering solutions for humanity. Igan's solution may be unrealistic and impossible but his solution is one most humane people wish to achieve.

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