Sunday, February 20, 2011

The Odd Couple (1968)

Based on Neil Simon's 1956 play and later adapted into a TV sitcom, The Odd Couple is a classic New York Comedy directed by award winning director Gene Saks. Felix Unger (Jack Lemmon) is an obsessive compulsive neat freak. A recent divorcee, he finds himself kicked out of his apartment. With no place to go, he moves in with Oscar Madison (Walter Matthau), a middle aged newspaper sports writer who happens to be a slob.
The hijinks get rolling as the two personalities clash. Oscar finds that he has a new and unwanted housewife in Felix. The former lives off from pizza and Chinese take out as the latter wants to prepare home cooked meals. As the tensions build, so does the humour.
Filmed on location in 1968 New York, The Odd Couple highlights many structures of New York that have been torn down and areas of the city that have been completely renovated. This is the perfect Sunday afternoon/evening film to watch.

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