Thursday, March 03, 2011

Editorial-Propaganda, Libya and War

Last week, this blog reported that Mumammar Gaddafi had ordered the Libyan Air Force to attack and bomb civilians protesting against his rule. This blog had further asserted that Gaddafi was a "madman". However, over the past two days both the Russian and the American military have either flatly refuted the reports or have been unable to confirm them.

Today both the American Secretary of Defense Robert Gates and the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of staff testified before the US Congress that they have been unable to confirm reports of the Libyan Air Force attacking civilian protesters. Furthermore, Gates slammed the breaks hard on the US imposing a "no fly zone" over Libya. In candid and frank language Gates said that any imposition of a no fly zone over Libya entailed a major military invasion.
“Let’s just call a spade a spade. A no-fly zone begins with an attack on Libya...That’s the way you do a no-fly zone. And then you can fly planes around the country and not worry about our guys being shot down.”

These statements reveal two things. First, Washington has been caught off guard by the rapid revolutionary developments in North Africa and the Middle East. The Pentagon has been sending its naval vessels to and fro between the Medditerrean and the Persian Gulf responding to the quickly shifting movement of its empire unravelling. The Obama administration has not been able to articulate its opinion and strategy. In every crisis from Tunisia to Egypt to Libya, the administration has been changing its public statements from initial support for the regimes to declaring its opposition. This has led to glaring divisions between the White House, State Department and The Pentagon.

Second, these statements also reveal that Washington has been rendered militarily and diplomatically impotent after a decade of reckless colonial wars of aggression. With the US bogged down in Afghanistan and Iraq, the US simply cannot open up another war front. Most importantly, unlike Afghanistan and Iraq which were defenseless sitting ducks, Libya remains the most military advanced Arab country in the Middle East. Its sheer size and geography would create incalculable risks for the US military.

There remains the question of who planted the story of Libyan air strikes against civilians in the first place? Why was it planted? To what ends did it serve? Why did it take a week before the Russians contradicted the reports? Why did The Pentagon copy the Russians a day or two after?

One suspects that this is a European propaganda operation. It most likely comes from Germany. It was the Bertelsmann Corporation which planted the propaganda about acts of Serb "genocide" in both Srebenica and Kosovo in order to justify NATO "humanitarian intervention" in Yugoslavia. While the US military is extremely circumspect about military intervention, Germany is leading the call and making the most serious military preparations for intervention in Libya under "humanitarian" cover. It was the German government rather than the American government which pressed for the bombing raids against Yugoslavia in 1999.

Another hint of European origins of the Libyan air force story is that the only aircraft and military equipment and personnel that have entered into Libya have been German and British. The American military has neither touched Libyan soil nor breached Libyan airspace. It must be remembered that for nearly 40 years, Libya was a colony of Italy.

Gerald Celente may be on to something when he says that this is just the start of the next "Great War". This may be the first cracks of NATO. Since its reunification, Germany has been on a mission to become a world power. Germany is the de-facto power of Europe. Germany's economy is in a better position than the United States. Just as the break up of Yugoslavia advanced Germany's military, political and economic power; the break up of Libya may very well be Germany's strategy for expanding its geopolitical power beyond Europe for the first time since the Second World War.

This blog made an error running with the air strike story too early. Indeed, it was initially suspicious of the source, MSNBC. However, it was confirmed by Al Jazeera and the other media outlets followed suit. I fell victim to propaganda. I usually don't fall for it very easily but this operation was very sophisitcated.

On the other hand, this blog stands by the rest of the report regarding Gaddafi's political evolution from being a hero of the Third World to making accomodation with Western imperalism. It was his very embrace of Neo-liberalism which drove the citzens of Libya to revolution. Gaddafi has no one else to blame as he brought this upon himself.

With that said, this blog remains in solidarity with the people of Libya against dictatorship and tyranny. However, they and only they can determine the future of their country. European and American intervention will be to the detriment not only to the people of Libya but to the people of the entire region in their struggle for self-determination.

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