Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Human Resource-Dominator (Beltram Mix)

This was the first underground European techno track to hit American dance clubs in 1991. During my second year as a university student in Boston I went clubbing 4 nights a week. My favourite night club was Axis on Landsdowne Street across from Fenway Park. DJ Debo was the only techno DJ in Boston at the time. This was the most popular record of his set and the dance floor would erupt as soon as Debo mixed in the killer riff. In fact, it was DJ Debo who inspired me to become a DJ a few months afterwards.
The revolutionary impact Dominator had upon the East Coast underground scene cannot be overstated. This record almost singlehandedly launched the East Coast rave scene. Hundreds, if not thousands of techno/electronic DJs between Boston and Washington, D.C. were spawned by this record alone.

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