Monday, March 21, 2011

NATO's Suicide Bombing of Libya: Western Imperialism's Death Swoon

So the West has done it. Western imperialism has decided to commit suicide at last by launching an attack on Libya. NATO has begun air raids and bombings against Libya practically 12 years to the date when it started the Yugoslavia campaign under the same false pretenses with the guise of humanitarian intervention.

However, it's not 1999. Nor is it 2001 nor 2003. Perhaps the only people that believe this is a "Humanitarian" intervention are the ignorant and gullible Americans who will buy and eat shit as long as it's served with ketchup and barbecue sauce on top of it. Oh yes, and their neighbours to the North particularly in Ontario, who have yet to become hip to the fact that they have been taken over by the US and are experiencing a slow motion fascist coup d'etat over the course of 5 years.

However, the Africans, Arabs and Europeans know what the deal is. Imperialists have run out of tricks and everyone can see the strings being pulled. This is nothing less than naked aggression. The Tunisians and Egyptians are well aware of what is being played out. They are well aware that it wasn't a coincidence that Hillary Clinton happened to take a stroll through Tahrir Sqaure a few days before bombs were dropped over Tripoli. The Tunisians also instinctively understand that this campaign is directed against them as well.

In Bahrain, Oman and Yemen, people's eyes are wide open. Afterall, in Yemen the US military dropped curise missiles on anti-government rebels. American Defense Secretary Robert Gates had dropped for a visit in Bahrain just a week before the massacre of peaceful protesters. Indeed, the entire world knows that the attack against Libya is Western capitalism's last gasp. This is a case of rolling the dice and going for broke. However, it has rolled its last round.

All of the generals and majors of NATO are aware the attack on Libya will inevitably become a ground war. In fact, it's already so with American, British and Dutch special forces already in the country. The generals and majors are sweating bullets because their troops are getting their asses kicked in Iraq and Afghanistan. They simply cannot afford a fourth front on the war. In fact, Western imperialism entangled itself within its own sloppy web.

Turning to Europe, we see reckless acts of desperate men. French President Sarkozy is fighting for his political life. He is desperate for a win. With France's influence in North Africa evaporating within its hands, the ruling class is mortally aware that its wealth depends on the complete exploitation of North Africa. Should Morocco and Algeria turn revolution then "c'est au revoir le vin" No less is Sarkozy seeking to be loved by the French people. Like former Canadian Prime Minister Paul Martin, Sarkozy entered into politics for love and adoration. Once the French had realised they had been conned American style into voting for him, the love and adoration he longed for wasn't forthcoming. Add to it that a recent poll showed him losing the first round vote to the the neo-Fascist Marine LePen in next year's Presidential election has caused Sarkozy to have a mental breakdown. Hence, his careless and reckless moves with Libya will ultimately be his downfall.

In Britain, David Cameron is also desperate to divert attention from the sheer hatred and contempt his government faces from the British people. Cameron is playing Margaret Thatcher's game. Margaret Thatcher had faced certain political defeat when she received a lifeline from the stupid fascist military junta in Argentina, which handed her with a convient and easy war. However, 2011 is not 1982. After Tony Blair's performance on Iraq, no one will believe any propaganda for another war for at least another generation. Even if there were a serious and real military threat to the UK, no one would believe it.
The attack on Libya has sealed the fate of the Liberal-Democrats, the junior party in the coalition government. Party leader and Deputy PM Nick Clegg has managed to become more despised than Maggie Thatcher. The Lib-Dems have built their party based on anti-war. Now, they are finding themselves part of a government leading another illegal war against another Arab country. I do not see the Liberal-Democrats lasting in the government much longer. The party is hemmoraging members. Its MPs are facing the end of their carreers. The Liberal-Democrats will face extinction.

One may ask why Russia and China abstained from voting on the UN Security Council resolution authorizing military force. Why hadn't one or both of those countries exercised their veto? Russia and China are well aware that this is the last ride for the West. They simply gave enough rope for the West to hang itself with. Last year, it was discovered that Russia holds the world's largest oil reserves. Just recently, Russia and China signed an energy deal in which China will get most of its oil from Russia. The icing on the cake is that the oil traded will not be sold in US Dollars but rather in Roubles and Yuan.
In other words, Russia and China are well aware that this reckless intervention will drive up oil prices which will only fuel more economic turbulence in the West causing currency destablisation. However, Russian and China has insulated themselves against the oil and currency shocks to come.

And finally, we come to Uncle Tom shoe shine boy dance monkey Barack Obama. There aren't enough diminutives can one say about Obama. He's the Black Ronald Reagan and a transparent marionette of Wall Street. He is more right wing than all of his predecessors combined. He is indifferent to everyone and everything. Now it turns out that he isn't that bright either.
After 2 years in office, Obama has started two wars (Pakistan and Libya), has expanded the Afghan war, has kept more than 50,000 troops to occupy Iraq. He has also kept open the Guantanamo Bay concentration camp, re-introduced military commissions, has decided to keep half of the prisoners there in indefinite detention. Obama has gone further and declared that he has the right to assasinate American citizens anywhere in the world if he (meaning his owners) determines them to be a national security threat. Obama has re-authorised the PATRIOT ACT. Under Obama, Private First Class Bradley Manning has been subjected to nearly 12 months of torture. Now, the dance monkey shoe shine boy has launched an attack against Libya.
If anyone has any lingering illusions about Obama, then there is no help available for them. However, this will also prove to be a fatal mistake of his administration. The illusions of him have been shattered in the Arab world. Outside of Kenya, Black countries are glancing at him with raised eyebrows. (Last week, he personally phoned the South African President Zuma insisting that South Africa prevent Haitian President-in-exile Jean Bertrand Aristide from leaving the country). Frankly, neither the United States nor the world would  have been any worse off had John McCain had been elected.

In any event, Libya will prove to be Western imperialism's fatal mistake. This intervention will not only destroy the Western economy but it will destabilize too many countries which will result in revolts, food riots, insurrections and possibly civil war. Already people in Britain are asking how the country can afford to go to war while at the same time they are told that there isn't any money for schools, hospitals and other public services. As a result of this reckless intervention, France and Britain are going to see battles and revolts which will make 1968 and 1981, respectively look easy.

Western capitalism performing its swan song. It has crossed the threshold into a final war for its survival. The options presented are as clear as day: Either the entire world must submit and be reduced to the status of serfs and slaves within the new corporate feudal order, or we must all perish because if Charlie can't win, then everyone must lose.

It's time for revolution. It must start this year. This coming Saturday March 26 is when the revolution is expected to launch in Britain. The British government is weak. The time to strike is now! If the British government can be toppled, then the war against Libya can be derailed. It's now or never! We will either be slaves or we will be free. And if we cannot be free, then we must be willing to die on our feet rather than on our knees. The future is now!

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