Friday, March 04, 2011

Nitzer Ebb-Join In The Chant

Nitzer Ebb was the first band I saw at my first major concert I attended as a teenager. They were the opening act for Depeche Mode. I had only heard of NE a couple of months prior to the show, when DM announced their New York date. I hadn't heard any music by NE. They were simply billed as DM's favourite band. I figured that if they were DM's favourite act, then they had to be good. I then experienced the biggest shock of my life at the time. Nitzer Ebb blew DM out of the water. I had never danced so hard as when NE took to the stage. This was my introduction to Industrial/EBM music. Nitzer Ebb played an important influence on my development as a songwriter. 

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