Sunday, March 06, 2011

Outsider-Slovenia (1997)

Outsider is a film produced in 1997 in Slovenia by writer and director Andrej Košak.
The film takes place in the 1980 in the former Yugoslavia. It covers issues such as the former yugoslav punk scene and drug use in the year when Josip Broz Tito died.
The story begins in autumn 1979 when Sead Mulahasanović, whose father was a Warrant Officer (zastavnik) of Yugoslav People's Army moved to Ljubljana and started attending one of the local secondary schools. He immediately joined local punkers who formed a band. Because punk rock in Yugoslavia was not tolerated some of them quickly fell into trouble. Authorities were on high alert because Tito got seriously ill and was admitted to University Medical Centre Ljubljana. Sead spent a lot of time with his new friends because his father was devoted only to the army and wanted Sead to join the army school to become the Officer or the pilot.
Sead fell in love with Metka, a girl from his class, so he also began spending his time with her. Then several things occurred: one of his friends was beaten by the Police and put to prison, he was punished by his father for not being devoted enough to the ideas of socialism, Metka got pregnant and they were again forced to move, so Sead should leave his life behind and start it anew. He didn't hold out any more and committed a suicide - coincidently it happened on the day when Tito died.
(Note: Click the CC button at the bottom of the screen to activate English subtitles)

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