Saturday, March 05, 2011

Paul Craig Roberts On The Edge With Max Keiser

Paul Craig Roberts is the former Assistant Treasury Secretary under Ronald Reagan. Roberts is known as the father of Reganomics. He is one of the people that implemented neo-liberalism. However, he has over the past year repented and apologised for what he has done and has been expressing deep regrets and remorse.Roberts had the best education that America produced. Most importantly, he was dedicated to being government servant and still believed in Democracy. He would have ever attempted to steal elections. He really believed that "communism" was a threat to democracy. Though the Reagan administration didn't really believe in equality, many within it still held firm beliefs in democracy and equal rights and opportunities for all, in theory at least.They really believed that capitalism was the best means to have a prosperous and stable society. They really believed that if the capitalists got richer, that the rest of society would also see a rise in living standards. They were really that naive.
Now, more than 20 years later, they see the mess that they created. They are losing sleep because they realise that the world is about to be destroyed because of their actions. I can respect them for that. At least, they don't pretend or deny they did anything wrong. They fucked up royally and they know it. Worse, they are going to live to see the moment that they perish with everyone else.
Too bad, so sad.

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