Monday, March 07, 2011

The Winter Blues Rant

I've been thinking quite a bit about the atrophy of the Western intellect and its accompanying cultural degeneration over the past 2 years since I've been in Serbia having departed from the West. The Westerner has degraded intellectually in earnest for than 20 years. It's quite evident in the cultural output and the intellectual product.

Everywhere from the US to the UK one sees it all too clearly. France which was once an intellectual powerhouse is stale. Germany has succumbed to the dictatorship of Heidegger. Vienna, the last holdout of Western 20th century genius, is committed to cultural suicide.

It's only the older generation of Westerners such as Paul Craig Roberts and Gerald Celente who haven't collapsed intellectually. Celente talks about America's intellectual degeneration constantly.
While the bourgeoisie as a class always put power and money at the top of its agenda, they had once at least valued scholarship and thinking.

My conclusion was finally arrived at while I was in Sarajevo last month. I was in attendance at a dinner party consisting entirely of Westerners. Not one of them from Sweden, Norway, France, Ireland, Spain was capable of holding an intellectual conversation. In other words, Westerners are incapable of producing a single original thought or idea anymore.
Instead, the Westerner simply recycles the past acting on base instinct. He has de-evolved into infantile regression. He is no longer an adolescent. He is now a 3 year old. This is the essence of Post-Modernism.

ART IS DEAD in the Western lands. In New York, for example, the only young people that play at being "artists" are rich whites living off their trust funds. They are all posing or, as my intellectual sparing partner from Canada puts it, "profiling". I classify them as parasites. They are the ones that never have to go to work. One finds them hanging around the cafes of the East Village and Williamsburgh all day and all night. To pretend that they're intellectual, they discuss Heidegger. Never mind that they're unable to actually synthesize what Heidegger really thought. As long as they drop a few quotes from Being and Time, that will suffice. If they're a bit more sophisticated they will drop Foucault's name with the right accent just to show that they're cultured, albeit superficially. However, just try asking to see their art, their writing or to hear a demo of their music, they inevitably reply that it's still a "work in progress". Or even worse, they will attend Slam Poetry or other open mics. There, they copy one other doing improv comedy and acting, but surprise surprise, they have nothing to say since their words are utterly devoid of content.
OK. Enough of my winter blues rant. We will return to more serious topics.

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