Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Intellectual Failures of Western Leftists

Independent Thinking As Revolutionary Act
A true and sincere revolutionary thinker and artist challenges all the predominate ideas of the time. This includes the ideas and opinions advanced by so-called "progressives" and "leftists". The role of a revolutionary thinker and artist is to break all types of totalitarian beliefs and ideologies. This is truly revolutionary because one challenges cherished orthodoxies held.  Due to the totalitarian nature of corporate feudal capitalism, free thought is increasingly restricted. This is clear within the so-called "progressive" scene of the Western world. There are ideological poles which dictate that no one should move beyond lest they be deemed anti-progressive. Undoubtedly, my ideas presented over the past weeks have created confusion among readers as the ideas do not fit neatly within the contemporary Left-Right paradigm.

For me, Marxism is mostly a tool to analyse economic, social and political reality rather than a religion. Marxism is part of my philosophy and use Marxist ideology in my social and political analysis. However, at the end of the day, my ideas are my own. My analysis and opinion is based on research and living experience.
In order to break out of the web of totalitarian capitalism, one must break free  from totalitarian thinking. Political Correctness, along with its attendant  notions of "inclusion" and "tolerance" is nothing less than bringing the oppressed closer to the spider at the centre of the web of totalitarian capitalism.

The Libertarian Basis of Anti-Feminism and Anti-Queer
This points must be raised in order not to create mistaken impressions. I simply challenge the philosophical structure of Feminism and Queer Theory. Questioning and raising objections should not and must no be interrupted as reactionary. Just because one objects to Feminism does not automatically mean pro-sexist or anti-woman. Similarly by objecting to the philosophy of Queerness does not automatically make one homophobic. Rather I simply point out that these are two prominent examples of totalitarian philosophy (orthodoxy) within the Western Left. The notion that one must support Feminism to be anti-sexist is something which I resist. The same for Queerness. Being critical of "Queer Theory" does not make one homophobic. However, totalitarian thinking amongst the Left makes it otherwise. Support Feminism and Queerness or else one is a sexist homophobe.
In reality, my position is for sexual liberty. It is from the basis of sexual libertarianism rests my position on Feminism and Queer Theory. I see Feminism and Queer Theory has the most direct and present threats against sexual liberation. As a sexual libertarian, whoever one chooses to engage in sexual intimacy is a private affair and not the business of anyone else. However, Feminism and Queerness is about controlling and dictating sexuality and sexual behaviour. This is the objection that I have. The so-called "liberation" of women and homosexuals is in fact an infringement on those who aren't feminists or homosexual.
Indeed, the entrenchment of Feminism has led to a serious and terminal disintegration of relations between men and women. Feminist and Queer Theory destroys sexual liberty.
Western Leftists, in fact, practise a form of political and cultural imperialism. They are unwitting foot soldiers in the march of neo-liberal globalisation. Duci Simonovic calls them "coca-cola intellectuals". Once Western Feminism and Queerness takes root around the world, it will be followed by Starbucks, The Gap and other chains of consumerism. Feminism and Queerness are, in fact, capitalistically degenerated sexuality.

The Notion of Oppressed Self Determination As A Form of Liberal Pity

Another intellectual failure of Western leftists is their unconditional support for "national self determination." By supporting this in Quebec and Yugoslavia, they end up giving tacit support to reactionary nationalism. Of course, those pressing this notion are for the most part middle and upper class whites from the imperialist countries. They believe they are aiding and providing solidarity to so-called "oppressed nations". There are a couple flaws in the thinking process.

The support for "self determination" of the oppressed does not come from genuine outrage or understanding of the nature of oppression, rather it comes from pity. In other words, they feel sorry for the Quebecois and Kosovar Albanians. Pity is no basis for political solidarity and action.

The "right to self determination" springs from the sense that justice is the goal and that all claims for "self determination" are valid no matter how reactionary the goal. Hence, Anglophone Canadians support Quebec separatism even though it might very well lead the expulsion of all non-Quebecois persons or even the lost of their human, civil and political rights. In another example, most Western Europeans support the right of self determination of Kosovo even though the "Liberation" army is in fact the world's largest terrorist organisation and in the trafficking of women. Ironically, Western Feminists give their support to Kosovo independence while wilfully ignoring that tens of thousands of women are kidnapped each year and shipped into Kosovo where they are turned into sex slaves by the "liberators" of Kosovo.

Political Ideology As Consumer Fashion In The West
Western liberalism, conservatism, anarchism, socialism and fascism are all fashions today. At the end of the day, they are nothing less than consumer commodities within totalitarian capitalism.

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